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Difference between Linux and Home Windows Hosting

Difference between Linux and Home Windows Hosting

Difference between Linux and Home Window Hosting: – Linux and Window operating system are the most common OS, which are familiar with most of the people in our society. People who have a little bit know how about computer always go towards windows operating system and very few go towards Linux, they all uses these on regular basis in their daily lives, so it is utmost important for all of them to understand the difference between Linux and Home window hosting. Fore-sure both the operating systems have advantages and disadvantages over each other, we should know them all.

Difference between Linux and Home Window Hosting

Before going towards the difference between Linux and Home Window hosting, let see first what are they both.


In case that if you already do some reading around the internet, you already know about the Linux operating system. Also, it is a quite powerful hosting solution and is pretty popular among its users. The primary reason for this is because Linux is free and is an open source software (of course, everyone likes free stuff), which is why Linux hosting is often cheaper. Moreover, Linux also promises it users many other things, like security, better developmental environment, etc. here is the best example, Hostgator and GoDaddy both are veteran brands that provide Linux hosting with great features


The very first thing that comes into the mind of a Windows user is that Windows Operating system is not free, so the hosting will obviously be costlier. But the main thing that separates it from Linux hosting solution is that Windows possesses great support.

Major Differences between Both

The primary differences between the two are the program compatibility that they provide. According to the preferences, which the users set for themselves, they might need one or the other. As the programs that are designed to run on Windows operating system don’t work on Linux system and vice versa.

Linux users claim that it’s better than Windows and this might be true, however, but it certainly because there are a lot of things that Linux can do but Windows can’t. But Windows is easier to work with, which is why the Windows has more users on PCs. But the same marks the dark side of the Windows system, as they are susceptible to hackers.

  1. Pricing

Windows is costlier than Linux, certainly. The price of the operating system itself is a huge indicator of the price. On the other hand, Linux is free, as a result, Linux hosting is cheaper than Home windows hosting.

  1. Convenience

Home windows system is easy to use, convenient and user-friendly, whereas Linux may not be so easy for newcomers. But as the time passes, the users get used to the issues and commands used by Linux systems. In other words, Linux has a steeper learning curve than Windows.

  1. Compatibility

Before switching to a particular solution, it is important to know which apps, languages, and frameworks can be used with each hosting system. If you think, you will be using a particular software which won’t be compatible with one system or another, it is better to check it out earlier. Windows may use ASP.NET, MSSQL, Aesthetic Basic and much more. Linux uses SSH and Apache modules.

  1. File Transfer

Both operating systems use FTP for document copy on the hosting level. But Telnet and SSH are additionally applied to Linux. They’re appropriate for Windows also, but it is less likely that the admin will install them.

  1. Support

A good support is something that can make a huge difference in user experience thus, can make or break a firm. Home Windows OS has professional support but Linux being a community-based OS, has a large community to solve issues for you, so it is also effective.

Finally after reading the above differences, now you must be able to understand the difference between the both. Here the most important thing is that you should know what your requirements first, and then see where you can find a system, which best meet them. Thus it will become easier for you choose an operating system for you.

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