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Difference between Limbo and Purgatory

Difference between Limbo and Purgatory

Limbo vs. Purgatory

Difference between Limbo and Purgatory: – Limbo and Purgatory are two places you have most likely heard about, whether in movies or books. These are places that are between heaven and hell. However, they are different and should not be confused.

Although no one (who is alive) has seen them, they are completely different and belong to different ideologies.

Difference between Limbo and Purgatory

According to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, there is no place known as Limbo. However, for them Purgatory (which does exist) comes to be more like a process than a place.

The medieval theologians of Western Europe divided the underworld into four well-differentiated parts: Hell of the Damned (also known as Gehenna), Purgatory, Limbo of the Fathers or Patriarchs, and Limbo of Children.

According to this division, the first part is where souls that die with sin are placed. Purgatory is the place where souls prepare for heaven, while the concept of Limbo was introduced by the philosopher and theologian Augustine of Hippo; who stated that unbaptized children were sent to that place. That idea was accepted for 800 years until Thomas Aquinas stated that the Limbo of children is a state of natural happiness for unbaptized children.

Purgatory can be considered as a state where ‘purification’ takes place. According to Catholic doctrine, heaven is a place where there is no sin. Thus, the people who have committed them expiate before going up to it.

Although in life people have repented for their sins, they still have to pay the price or the fees to the people that those sins did hurt. At the time of judgment, people who have paid for their sins enter heaven and those who have many are sent to hell.

Due to the confusion that many people had regarding Limbo and purgatory, on April 22, 2007, the Pope authorized the Catholic Church to discard the idea of ​​a Limbo. So it is now believed that unbaptized children automatically enter heaven.

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