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Difference between Liberals and Conservatives

Difference between Liberals and Conservatives

Liberals vs. Conservatives

What is Difference between Liberals and Conservatives? The terms “conservative” and “liberal” are used to describe political or economic visions or affiliations, however, the meaning of each concept or what people understand them can vary greatly depending on the context.

Whether in the political, social or economic sphere, particular characteristics are commonly attributed to each side; but it is important to take into account that what is understood as liberal and conservative also depends on the country or state.

Difference between Liberals and Conservatives

If you have any doubts about this topic or just want a little more information, continue reading, because here are some general information that will help you better understand the difference between Liberals and Conservatives.


They constitute a sector that is also known as the “right wing” or anti-federalist. Conservatives are characterized by preferring smaller governments, fewer regulations in the market and more services provided by the private sector in a free market. They also prefer a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

On the economic side, they consider that the government should reduce taxes and expenses. For conservatives, cutting the balance spent from the state budget is a priority. In another order, they also think that those who generate more income should be encouraged to invest.

When it comes to social policy and personal responsibility, there are certain trends characteristic of this sector. For example, they oppose same-sex marriage, abortion, and embryonic cell research. They support the right to carry firearms, the death penalty and individual responsibility.


On the other hand, liberals constitute the “left wing” or federalist. They prefer greater regulations in the market and health services provided by the government to all citizens alike.

On the economic side, they believe that the government should provide more services to the less fortunate (especially health services) and increase taxes if necessary. Also, they think that you want to generate higher income should pay a higher percentage of taxes.

Finally, with regard to social policy and personal responsibility, liberals support the rights of same-sex couples to marry; are in agreement with the legalization of abortion, support research with embryonic cells and regulation or restrictions on the carrying of firearms.

Unlike conservatives, there is no emphasis here on individual responsibility; but it is tried that the people resort to the government in search of structure. Laws must ensure the protection of each individual in an equal manner.

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