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Difference between Left and Right Brain

Difference between Left and Right Brain

There is a lot of debate surrounding the difference between left and right brain thinking, with many people asserting that one side is better than the other. However, recent research has shown that this is not actually the case – both sides are integral to effective thinking. In this post, we will explore the differences between these two hemispheres and discuss how each one contributes to our cognitive abilities.

What is Left Brain?

The left brain is the logical, analytical side of the brain. It is responsible for language, reasoning, and sequential processing. Individuals who are left-brained tend to be linear thinkers who like to plan and organize their thoughts. They are usually good at math and science, and they prefer to work with facts and details. Left-brained individuals are often good at critical thinking and problem-solving.

They are usually proficient in language skills, and they often have a strong verbal memory. Left-brain thinkers are typically goal-oriented and focused on results. They often like to work independently, and they may have difficulty understanding concepts that are not rational or logical. Left-brain thinkers are typically good at analytical tasks such as data analysis, but they may struggle with creative tasks such as brainstorming.

What is the Right Brain?

Right brain is the term for the half of your brain that controls the left side of your body. Right brain activity is associated with more creative and intuitive thinking, while left brain activity is associated with more logical and analytical thinking. Right brain activities include things like daydreaming, art, music, and design. Right brain dominant people are often good at multitasking and have a strong ability to see the big picture. They may also be more impulsive and less likely to plan ahead. However, right brain dominant people are also usually very creative and good at problem solving. Although we all use both sides of our brain, most of us tend to be more dominant in one hemisphere or the other. Understanding which side of your brain is dominant can help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Difference between Left and Right Brain

Left brain is known as the logical side while right brain is known as the creative side. Left brain controls the right side of the body while right brain controls the left side. People use different parts of their brain for different tasks but most people are dominant in one side. Left brain is good for things such as: reasoning, facts, numbers, and language. Right brain is good for: imagination, art, daydreaming, and music. Left brain dominant people are usually good at things such as: math, science, and reading. Right brain dominant people are usually good at things such as: art, music, and writing. Most people use both sides of their brain but they are usually dominant in one side.left-brain-right-brain-theory-infographic Left brainRight BrainTheory infographic


The left brain is analytical and detail-oriented, while the right brain is creative and intuitive. By understanding these differences, you can appeal to each side of your customer’s brain and drive them towards a purchase. Applying this knowledge in your digital marketing strategy can result in more sales with less effort on your part.

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