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Difference between Kung Fu and Karate

Difference between Kung Fu and Karate

Kung Fu vs. Karate

What is Difference between Kung Fu and Karate? Karate and kung fu are distinct martial arts with different origins. The first was developed on the island of Okinawa, which today belongs to Japan and the second has its origin in China.

In addition to its origins, there are other elements that make these martial arts different. If you want to know the difference between Kung Fu and Karate then continue reading because then we explain the difference between kung fu and karate.

Difference between Kung Fu and Karate

In karate is mainly focused on the art of good kicking and kicking, also pushing, banging with elbows and knees and techniques with open hands. The movements are usually linear and various locking techniques are used.

As far as the costumes are concerned, those practicing this martial art generally wear the uniform known as Gi or Karategi. They carry bare feet and a belt (obi) whose color depends on the level of the person’s abilities; for example, beginners often wear a white belt, while the more experienced wear black.

The Gi is usually white and loose (to maximize the speed of movements).

Kung Fu
On the other hand, in kung fu movements are usually circular and fluid and mimic the fighting styles of animals. It starts with one or five basic foot positions.

Usually the foot is held in an upright posture and the positions are divided mainly into four, known as: dragon, frog, horse and snake.

As for the uniform, in the case of kung fu can vary considerably in color, style and material; but most usually have the top with Chinese-style buttons. Also, most of these uniforms are made in satin in a wide variety of bright and radiant colors. Unlike karate, when practicing kung fu it is common to wear shoes in uniform. Finally, in karate sensei is called to the coach, while in kung fu is called fu fu.

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