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Difference between Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

Difference between Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite are two of Amazon’s most popular e-readers. They both have many features in common, but there are some key differences that set them apart. Let’s take a look at these two e-readers and see what makes them different.

What is Kindle?

Kindle is a type of e-reader developed by online retailer Amazon. Kindle e-readers are designed to give users the ability to read digital books and other types of content. Kindle devices come in a variety of different sizes and feature color screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, and built-in dictionaries. Kindle e-readers are popular because they are lightweight and easy to use.

Kindle e-books can be purchased from the Amazon Kindle Store and can be delivered wirelessly to the device. In addition, Kindle devices can also be used to read other types of content such as PDFs, comics, and magazines. Kindle e-readers have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people are looking for alternatives to traditional paper books.

What is Kindle Paperwhite?

Kindle Paperwhite is a Kindle that has built-in light and a higher screen resolution. Kindle Paperwhite was released on October 1, 2012. It is available in Wi-Fi only or 3G + Wi-Fi models. On September 3, 2013, Amazon announced the Kindle Paperwhite 2nd generation. The products have billed themselves as the “world’s thinnest and lightest” e-reader.

The Kindle PaperwhiteSC’s release coincided with world events such as the Syrian Civil War and Hurricane Sandy. The Kindle Paperwhite was not intended to be a replacement for the Kindle Fire, which is Amazon’s color tablet/media player hybrid. Rather, it was marketed as an e-reader that could more easily be read in direct sunlight.

Difference between Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite are two popular e-readers from Amazon. Both devices offer a great reading experience, but there are some key differences between them. Kindle is the more basic of the two devices, offering a 6-inch display with 8 levels of grayscale.

  • Kindle Paperwhite, on the other hand, has a higher-resolution display with 16 levels of grayscale. This gives Paperwhite a sharper, more vibrant image that is closer to reading a physical book.
  • In addition, Paperwhite also offers built-in illumination, meaning you can read in low-light conditions without needing an additional light source. Kindle is lighter and smaller than Paperwhite, making it more portable.
  • However, Paperwhite has a longer battery life, lasting up to eight weeks on a single charge. So which device is right for you? It depends on your needs and preferences. If you want a lightweight e-reader that you can take with you anywhere, Kindle is a good choice. If you want a more immersive reading experience with better visuals, Kindle Paperwhite is the way to go.


The answer to that question really depends on your needs as a reader. If you want an e-reader with a backlight for reading in low-light conditions, then the Kindle Paperwhite is the better option. If you don’t mind not having a backlight or are willing to adjust your reading habits accordingly, then the cheaper Kindle is probably best for you.

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