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Difference between Karma and Dharma

Difference between Karma and Dharma

Karma vs. Dharma

What is Difference between karma and dharma? No matter what religion is followed, people will always be asked to live by the principles and morals of that religion they profess. The message varies depending on the place of the world in which you live, but basically what all pose is “be kind to your brother and you will receive a prize”.

In the case of religions that continue in India, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism; they all ask their believers to follow the concepts of dharma and karma, both to improve their life and to improve that of others.

Difference between Karma and Dharma

If you are curious to understand what dharma and karma are all about, then we will give you the definition of each one and tell you the differences between Karma and Dharma.


It refers to the actions one performs in relation to one’s own dharma. In a sense, dharma can be seen as a lifelong task and karma as the steps one has to take into account to complete the task.

Karma can be thought of as a cosmic count book. All the actions you do, good and bad, are recorded. Some people believe that if their good deeds outweigh their bad ones, then they will move to the highest level in their next rebirth; and if their actions are bad, then they will move to a lower level in their next rebirth. Others believe that every action needs a balance. If you are good with someone, in this life or the next will pay this favor. The same applies to debts.


It refers to duty in this life. The dharma varies according to your class, family and your years of life. Applying it in your life, dharma can be a comfort or a disturbing concept. On the one hand, you may believe that if you follow the traditions of your family and community you will complete your dharma. That would mean that all time would defend the status quo to be a moral person. However, some people might question your personal dharma and seek its true meaning outside the confines of your community. In this case, the pursuit of dharma is for life and can cause considerable stress if you feel that you are not following it correctly.

Your dharma determines what kind of karma your actions will bring. Going to war to defend your country can fulfill your dharma as an individual, but also cause bad karma to interfere with the life of another individual.

Key differences between Karma and Dharma

  • Dharma refers to the duty to be fulfilled in life, even though karma is that which comes as a consequence of the life you have led.
  • Dharma is working in the present life, while karma affects the future life.

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