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Difference between JTextPane and JTextArea

Difference between JTextPane and JTextArea

When it comes to displaying text in a Java application, you have two primary options: JTextPane and JTextArea. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for your specific needs? Let’s take a closer look at the difference between JTextPane and JTextArea.

What is JTextPane?

JTextPane is a component that supports styled text and images. It is used to create editor panes and embedded within document views to provide editorial content. JTextPane uses the same styled document model as JEditorPane, which allows it to share many of the capabilities of JEditorPane.

  • JTextPane also adds support for images and containers. Images can be inserted at an arbitrary position in the JTextPane using an ImageIcon. To insert an image at caret position, use an ImageIcon wrapped in a StyleContext.Attributes object with name attribute set to StyleConstants.
  • ComponentElementName and value attribute set to a JLabel component that contains the image to be displayed. Alternatively, you can use HTML or RTF strings that specify images with relative URL references.
  • When JTextPane loads these strings into its document, it attempts to resolve any relative URL references using the document’s base URL property as the starting point for resolving the relative URLs into absolute ones. If the DTD for your JTextPane supports images, you can insert images into your JTextPane by specifying their location with HTML or XML code. You can find out what DTDs are supported by calling JTextPane’s getEditorKitClassNameForContentType method.”

What is JTextArea?

JTextArea is a component that allows the editing of large amounts of plain text. It has a number of features that make it ideal for this purpose, including the ability to display multiple lines of text, wrap lines when they reach the end of the component, and support for international characters. JTextArea also supports undo and redo operations, making it easy to correct mistakes. In addition, JTextArea can be used as an editor for Rich Text Format (RTF) documents. This makes it a versatile tool for handling a variety of text-based content.

Difference between JTextPane and JTextArea

JTextPane and JTextArea are two components that are often used in Java Swing applications. While they both allow the user to enter and edit text, there are some important differences between them. JTextPane is a more powerful component that supports style tags, which allows the text to be formatted in different ways.

For example, it can be used to create headings and paragraphs with different fonts and font sizes. JTextArea, on the other hand, does not support style tags. This means that the text must be entered as plain text. JTextArea also has a smaller range of methods that can be used to manipulate the text. Overall, JTextPane is a more versatile component that is better suited for complex applications.


The biggest difference between JTextPane and JTextArea is that the former can be used to display multiple paragraphs of text, while the latter can only display a single line of text. If you need to format your text in any way or want to add images or hyperlinks, JTextPane is the better option. Otherwise, if you just need a space to type in a short message, JTextArea will do the job.

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