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Difference between Joke Hoax and Prank | Joke vs. Hoax vs. Prank

Difference between Joke Hoax and Prank | Joke vs. Hoax vs. Prank

Joke vs. Hoax vs. Prank

Difference between Joke Hoax and Prank: – Fun and entertainment are important parts of our lives. We all need a break from time to time and nothing better than humor to free us from stress. As far as humor is concerned, there are different ways to make people laugh or entertain; but there are also some actions that we can take if we want to entertain ourselves at their expense.

Here are three concepts that you have surely heard more than once in your life, but perhaps you are not very clear. Keep reading, because below we explain the difference between joke, hoax and prank.

Difference between Joke, Hoax and Prank

A joke is any act or way of entertaining people or making them laugh. It can be done in the form of dialogue, short story or through a funny photo. The way in which the joke is shown or told is what often makes the difference when considering it funny or not. Usually jokes are only made for entertainment purposes, not to be taken seriously. Likewise, they are spoken almost at any time and place.


  • A: Help me! My daughter is lost.
  • B: What is your name? Let me see if I can help you.
  • A: It’s called Hope.
  • B: Impossible! Hope is the last thing you lose.


On the other hand, a hoax is an action or any writing that has as purpose to make others create something that is a lie with the purpose of mocking or entertaining at their expense.

Hoaxes or fake news are characterized by drawing the attention of people quite easily. One of the most important ingredients of them is the disappointment that they provoke when the person to realize that they are not certain and those they have fallen innocently.

Many consider that certain false news are funny and funny, however, there are cases in which they become even more dangerous; because they can be used to extract money or other benefits. These last cases are very common on the internet; they usually do me especially through emails.


In this case, it is always an action that is done with the purpose to deceive or confuse others and use them as a means of entertainment. There are pranks and heavy jokes, the latter have a negative connotation; while the former are the most common. When you make a prank on someone, usually that “someone” is not aware or does not consciously participate in the act. In most cases, the jokes do between friends.

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