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Difference between Job Description and Job Specification

Difference between Job Description and Job Specification

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s important to understand the difference between a job description and a job specification. A job description is a broad overview of the position, while a job specification lists the specific duties and responsibilities of the role. By understanding the differences between these two documents, you can ensure that you are applying for jobs that are a good fit for your skills and experience.

What is a Job Description?

  • Job Description documents are an important part of the hiring process. It is a document that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of a position before it is filled by a job candidate.
  • This can include the duties involved, qualifications, and necessary skills to perform on-the-job tasks. Job descriptions also inform potential applicants of what they can expect from their roles and equip them with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their career path.
  • Job descriptions play a critical role in ensuring that employees understand what is expected of them, which ultimately results in creating a better work experience both for the employee as well as the company itself.

What is Job Specification?

  • Job Specification documents play a critical role in the recruitment and onboarding process. They provide detailed information about the required skills, qualifications, and knowledge for a particular job opening being advertised.
  • Job specifications are designed to screen potential applicants appropriately, helping it easier for employers to identify candidates who possess the necessary attributes to fulfill their job requirements.
  • Job specification documents make it much simpler for employers to determine if applicants are suitable for a certain post which in turn will ultimately enable them to select the best person for the desired position.

Difference between Job Description and Job Specification

Job descriptions and Job specifications are two distinct yet highly inter-related documents that are used by employers in the selection and recruitment processes.

  • Job descriptions provide a clear overview of the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications needed for a particular job.
  • Job specifications, on the other hand, provide a detailed breakdown of the job requirements such as certain skill sets, experience levels, education backgrounds, eligibility criteria, etc.
  • Job descriptions tend to be broad and inclusive while job specifications often carry more precise information that outlines detailed characteristics and criteria required for a given job.

Both Job Descriptions and Job Specifications play an important role in creating effective recruitment processes by providing employers with precise information about what they expect from their employees.


A job description outlines the general tasks and responsibilities of a position. A job specification, on the other hand, lists out specific requirements that are needed for someone to be successful in that role. By understanding this distinction, you can create better job postings that attract qualified candidates.

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