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Difference between Jelly and Jam | Jelly vs. Jam

Difference between Jelly and Jam | Jelly vs. Jam

Jelly vs. Jam

Difference between jelly and jam: – Both jelly and marmalade is products made from fruits or in some cases also from vegetables, and we usually use them to accompany other foods. Each product has its history and presents particular characteristics; however, many believe that it is the same even though they differ in ingredients, the way in which the fruit is used and in its elaboration.

Difference between jelly and jam

If you have questions or want more information about the difference between jelly and jam, just keep reading.

Jelly refers to a type of gelatinous preserve made from the juice of fruits (or vegetables), to which pectin is also added.

Although it may contain pulp, jelly is usually made from the juice that is extracted from the fruit, which is mixed with sugar and pectin; likewise, lemon juice is usually added to maintain its consistency.

Jelly is less thick than marmalade and tends not to keep its shape. When it is in good condition, the jelly is also clear and shiny.

As a rule, the jelly contains no pieces or pieces of fruit; although in the case of pepper it is possible to find small pieces of jalapeño or other type of pepper.

The most common jelly tastes are: strawberry, cherry and grape.

On the other hand, the jam is a product made with whole fruit cut into small pieces or crushed. The pieces of the fruits or vegetables are taken, sugar is added and that mixture is put to boil. The proportion of sugar and fruit varies depending on the type and maturity of the latter.

When the temperature reaches 104 ° C, the acid and pectin in the fruit create a reaction with the sugar and the resulting mixture is cooled. Also, because it contains more fruit (at least 30%) the jam is darker than the jelly and does not have as much brightness as the latter.

The most common tastes in jams are: mango, orange, fruit mixture, and strawberry. The key differences between jam and jelly are the jam is made from the pulp of the fruit, while the jelly is made with the juice. Also jam is thicker than jelly.

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