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Difference between Jake Brake and Exhaust Brake

Difference between Jake Brake and Exhaust Brake

There is a big difference between a Jake brake and an exhaust brake. Many people are unsure of what the difference is, so we will go over the basics here. A Jake brake is an air compression brake that uses the engine’s compression to help slow the vehicle. An exhaust brake is a device that uses back pressure from the exhaust system to create a drag on the engine, which also helps to slow the vehicle. Both brakes have their pros and cons, but which one you choose depends on your needs. Let’s take a closer look at each type of brake.

What is Jake Brake?

Jake Brake is the common name for a type of engine brake that uses exhaust valves to slow a truck down. It is named after the company that first created the Jake Brake, which is no longer in business. Jake Brakes are used by many truckers to save wear and tear on their brakes, and they can also be used to help a trucker control his or her speed when going down a steep hill. Jake Brakes are not without controversy, however, as some people believe that they are too loud and disruptive. Nonetheless, Jake Brakes remain a popular option for many truckers.

What is Exhaust Brake?

Exhaust brakes, or engine brakes, are devices that use the engine to slow down a truck. Exhaust brakes work by using exhaust back pressure to push against the piston during the power stroke. This increases the amount of work the engine has to do, which in turn slows down the truck. Exhaust brakes can be used alone or in conjunction with other braking systems such as service brakes and Jake brakes. When used together, these systems can provide significant slowing power and help to extend the life of your brake pads and shoes.

Difference between Jake Brake and Exhaust Brake

Jake Brakes and Exhaust brakes are both used to slow down a vehicle.

  • Jake Brakes are typically used on large trucks and work by using the engine to slow down the vehicle.
  • Exhaust brakes work by using the exhaust from the engine to slow down the vehicle.
  • Jake Brakes are more effective at slowing down a vehicle than Exhaust brakes, but they also create more noise.
  • Jake Brakes are typically only used when necessary, such as when coming down a long hill.
  • Exhaust brakes can be left on all the time and will not create as much noise.
  • Jake Brakes are more expensive than Exhaust brakes, so they are not always an option for smaller vehicles.

When choosing between Jake Brake and Exhaust brake, it is important to consider how often the brake will be used and how much noise it will create.


There you have it – the difference between a Jake brake and an exhaust brake. Both brakes are important for big rigs but serve different purposes. If you’re looking to buy a new truck or need service on your current truck, be sure to consult with a professional about which type of brake is best for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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