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Difference between iOS 4.3 and iOS 4.3.1

Difference between iOS 4.3 and iOS 4.3.1

The recently released iOS 4.3.1 has been a hot topic among Apple Fans and haters alike. Some say that the update is just a minor one, while others are convinced that it is a necessary download to protect their iDevices from future security threats. In this article, we will take a closer look at the changes between iOS 4.3 and iOS 4.3.1 in order to help you decide if the update is worth your time.

What is iOS 4.3?

iOS 4.3 is the third major release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple Inc. iOS 4.3 contains many new features and improvements, such as the ability to use FaceTime video chat over a cellular connection and AirPlay Mirroring to wirelessly stream content from a device to an HDTV. iOS 4.3 also introduces iCloud, cloud storage and computing service that allows users to store data such as music, photos, applications, and documents online and access them from any iOS device or computer. Overall, iOS 4.3 provides a number of significant enhancements and improvements over previous versions of iOS.

What is iOS 4.3.1?

iOS 4.3.1 is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. It was released on March 25, 2011, and is the second major release of iOS 4. iOS 4.3.1 contains fixes for several bugs that were present in the previous release, iOS 4.3. In addition, iOS 4.3.1 introduces AirPlay Mirroring, which allows users to wirelessly stream content from their iOS device to an Apple TV. Overall, iOS 4.3.1 is a minor update that addresses some stability issues while also adding a few new features.

Difference between iOS 4.3 and iOS 4.3.1

iOS 4.3 and iOS 4.3.1 are two different versions of the iOS operating system for Apple devices. iOS 4.3 was released on March 25, 2011, while iOS 4.3.1 was released on April 15, 2011. iOS 4.3 included support for the new iPad and iPhone models that were released at the time, as well as various improvements to performance and stability. iOS 4.3.1 included bug fixes and security updates, but no major new features. As a result, many users chose to upgrade to iOS 4.3.1 in order to take advantage of the new security features and improve the overall stability of their devices.


Although the update is minor, it is recommended that all users upgrade to iOS 4.3.1 in order to maintain the security and stability of their devices. Apple has not yet released information about any known issues with iOS 4.3.1, but we recommend upgrading just to be safe.

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