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Difference between Introversion and Social anxiety | Introversion vs. Social anxiety

Difference between Introversion and Social anxiety | Introversion vs. Social anxiety

Introversion vs. Social anxiety

Difference between Introversion and Social anxiety: – For the majority it is easy to label those people who are different or do not fit into popular ideas and expectations of how to act. When labeling people are formed categories are formed between which some fit and others do not. For example, those who do not relax and do not interact much with others are often considered shy or introverted; although it is also possible that they suffer from social anxiety.

Shyness, introversion and social anxiety are three different things that many often believe to be the same. While it is true that there are those who can be all three things at once, it is important to keep in mind that this is not always the case.

Difference between Introversion and Social anxiety

If you have doubts about what is the difference between introversion and social anxiety or just looking for a little more information that serves as a complement to what you already know, continue reading, since below we explain everything you need to know in around this interesting topic.

It is a characteristic within what makes up the personality of an individual. Almost all fit into one of two categories: introverts or extroverts (although they are also spoken of so-called ambivertidos). Those who score high on introversion are characterized by enjoying spending time alone and because they need to recharge their energies once they have maintained social contact.

Introverts feel that social activities drain energy. They are not necessarily shy in front of people, although that is an idea commonly held about them. Likewise, do not panic about having to speak in front of a group or interact with others; but doing those things consumes them a lot of energy and drains them physically.

Introverts tend to prefer to draw, read, paint and write in their free time; because all these things allow them to reflect and look within themselves instead of focusing on the outside and those around them.

In general, introverts tend to go out or meet small groups of people and do not necessarily like to be alone all the time. They prefer to go out with friends they already know rather than large groups where there may be some strangers.

Social anxiety
On the other hand, social anxiety is a medical disorder that can affect anyone, regardless of whether it is introverted or extroverted.

Those who suffer from social anxiety are afraid to be judged by what they say or by their behavior. This fear makes them hesitate to speak in front of other people or to do certain things. It manifests itself with symptoms such as sweating, tremors, and remarkable nervousness. The person may even become paralyzed for a moment because of fear.

Finally, it is good to clarify that social anxiety is a learned fear, while introversion is something that is born. One of the roots of social anxiety might be the belief that you are not good enough and that if you speak or draw attention to your person, all your faults will be revealed.

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