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Difference between Internet and Intranet

Difference between Internet and Intranet

The internet and intranet are both types of networks, but they serve different purposes. The internet is a global network that connects computers around the world, while the intranet is a private network that is limited to a specific organization or company. The intranet can be used for sharing information within the organization, and for accessing internal websites and applications.

What is Internet?

The Internet is a global network of computers that enables users to communicate with each other and access information from around the world. It consists of a large number of interconnected networks, which use a variety of protocols to exchange data. The Internet enables users to access a wide range of resources, including email, newsgroups, file sharing, and online shopping. It also provides a platform for online businesses and allows people to connect with friends and family who live in different parts of the world. The Internet has transformed the way we live and work, and it plays an important role in our economy.

What is Intranet?

An intranet is a private computer network that uses Internet technologies to securely share any combination of computer data, applications, and services within an organization. An intranet is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees, and it typically uses a variety of security protocols to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Although an intranet can be built using a variety of different software platforms, it is most commonly based on the same set of standards that are used to build the public Internet. As a result, intranets often resemble small-scale versions of the public Internet, with corporate websites, email systems, and file-sharing applications. However, because they are designed for use within a single organization, intranets typically have much higher levels of security and privacy than the public Internet.

Difference between Internet and Intranet

The internet is a global network of computers that allows for the exchange of information between users. Intranets, on the other hand, are internal networks that are only accessible to authorized users. While both the internet and intranet make use of the same technology, they serve different purposes. The internet is designed for public use, while intranets are typically used by organizations for private communication. Intranets can be accessed from anywhere in the world, but they are usually only accessible to employees of the organization. In addition, intranets often have additional security measures in place to protect sensitive information. As a result, the internet is more open and accessible, while intranets are more secure and private.


Although the internet is a public space, the intranet is a private one. The intranet can be used to improve communication and collaboration within an organization by giving employees access to internal documents and tools. If you’re looking for a way to improve communication and teamwork within your company, consider implementing an intranet.

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