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Difference between Inquiry and Investigation

Difference between Inquiry and Investigation

Inquiry and investigation are two terms that are often confused. Although they have similarities, there is a distinct difference between the two. This blog post will explore the key differences between inquiry and investigation. By understanding the differences, you can better decide which approach is most appropriate for your needs.

What is Inquiry?

Inquiry is a process of questioning and seeking answers. It is a fundamental human instinct, that drives us to understand our surroundings and expand our knowledge. Inquiry is essential for scientific discovery, as it allows us to test hypotheses and gather evidence. It is also key to critical thinking, as it helps us to question assumptions and examine the evidence. Inquiry is not only a cognitive process but also an emotional one. Asking questions can be daunting, and pursuing answers can be frustrating. But the rewards of inquiry are great, giving us a deeper understanding of the world and ourselves.

What is Investigation?

The investigation is the process of gathering evidence and information in order to establish the truth of a matter. It is often used in the context of criminal or civil proceedings, but it can also be used informally in everyday life. The process of Investigation usually involves interviews, research, and analysis in order to gather all relevant evidence. Once all the evidence has been collected, it can then be used to make a determination as to what actually happened. The investigation is an important process that helps us to determine the truth and find out what really happened.

Difference between Inquiry and Investigation

Inquiry and investigation are two words that are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings. Inquiry refers to the process of asking questions and seeking answers. It is often exploratory in nature, and can be open-ended or focused on a specific topic. Inquiry typically leads to investigation, which is a more structured process of gathering information.

The investigation typically involves collecting data, analyzing it, and drawing conclusions based on that data. In some cases, the investigation may also involve interviews or other forms of research. However, the investigation is generally more limited in scope than inquiry and often has a specific purpose or goal.


The difference between inquiry and investigation is an important distinction to make when determining the next steps in a criminal case. By understanding the definitions of these two terms, as well as their individual implications, investigators can more effectively piece together evidence and build a stronger case.

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