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Difference between Influenza and Avian Flu | Influenza vs Avian Flu

Difference between Influenza and Avian Flu | Influenza vs Avian Flu

Influenza vs Avian Flu

Difference between influenza and avian flu:- What is Difference between influenza and avian flu? In ancient times it was thought that diseases came as punishment to humans, that is, they were the result of the wrath of the gods; Then, as time went on, not only were these spoken of as divine punishments, but as a consequence of the malfunctioning of certain parts of the body, Hence the name of some diseases such as “hysteria”.

Difference between influenza and avian flu

Nobody wants to be sick, but sadly it is a reality that we have to deal with and even more so if we take into consideration that there are diseases like the flu, which are more than common. Now, there are various types of flu; But no doubt among the most common and well-known are the common flu and bird flu. If you do not know the difference between avian flu and flu, move forward, after completing this blog post, you will be able to know the Difference between influenza and avian flu.

Influenza is a disease caused by a virus that affects the respiratory tract of mammals. The symptoms it generates are usually very similar to those of a cold: muscle pain, sore throat, weakness and cough. However, it should not be confused with the latter, since influenza is more serious.

If not treated with care, the flu can lead to pneumonia and even death. There is a vaccine against influenza, but the virus has continued to mutate constantly; giving rise to new problems or versions of the disease that cannot be avoided with the vaccine.

Avian Flu
On the other hand, bird flu or H5N1 is the influenza virus adapted to birds. However, this has come to affect humans also because of the contact they often have with such animals. In 2003, an epidemic of this type of flu affected Asia and in 2005 to Europe. Many people died on both occasions, as this virus is highly contagious and very often lethal.

Finally, it is believed that the incubation period of this virus is longer than that of the common flu. In addition, it not only causes more severe symptoms typical of the latter, but also often cause diarrhea. Vaccines have been developed with the aim of combating avian influenza; they are generally applied to birds, since those developed for humans are not available in the market; however, this disease is usually treated with antiviral drugs.

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