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Difference between Industrialization and Urbanization

Difference between Industrialization and Urbanization

 Industrialization vs. Urbanization

What is Difference between Industrialization and Urbanization? It is common to use terms such as “urbanization” and “industrialization” in the classes of History and Sociology, especially in these times; in which there is a great boom of both. It is so much that both concepts are used that there are people who have come to think that they are synonymous, although in fact they are different things that can have some elements in common. In case you also have some doubts about it or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you the difference between industrialization and urbanization.

Difference between Industrialization and Urbanization


Generally speaking, when we talk about Industrialization in History, it refers to the description of a period in which a country or nation changes from small rural industries to large factories and large-scale industries. In this sense, many of the countries that today consider themselves more developed underwent a considerable process of industrialization between 1760 and 1840. This process, which originated in England, then spread throughout the rest of Europe and then reached the States United States and other countries.

Also, this term refers to the process of changing the productions by hand by production machines that do the work; this process also brings with it many changes in the society and economy of a region, a country or a nation; since capitalism is elevated by the hand with it, where money and big companies play a huge role in government policies. In industrialized countries, science and technology are usually among the most prominent sectors, as new inventions that could allow greater production depend largely on these two fields. In spite of all the benefits Industrialization may have brought with it, there are a large number of citizens who criticize two things, which are:

  • The exploitation of the working class.
  • Exploitation and damage to the environment.


On the other hand, when we talk about urbanization we have to take into account that it comes to be a product of Industrialization; since most urban areas are formed as a result of large-scale industries being established there. Large companies require a large number of workers to work long hours, so workers are forced to live near their places of work in order to keep their jobs; so many employees create small communities in areas close to the companies and as the latter grows, the former also.

Based on the above, it can be said that the clearest way to define what urbanization is the process in which people living in rural areas (such as villages and villages) migrate to large cities in search of greater facilities and work.

Finally, these two processes hitherto described have their positive and negative sides; for example, urbanization includes jobs with better wages, more opportunities, and greater access to goods and services; but also higher exploitation, high cost of living, and damage to the environment. Industrialization, on the other hand, has as positive the fact that evidence is advanced in both science and technology; however, it also damages the environment and people are seen the need to work long hours.

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