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Difference between Incident and Accident | Incident vs. Accident

Difference between Incident and Accident | Incident vs. Accident

Incident vs. Accident

Difference between Incident and Accident: – While we are alive, there are many things that can happen to us or that can happen in our environment; some things affect us directly and some things do not affect us so much. In this sense, it is common to hear people talking about accidents and incidents, but what is the difference between incident vs. accident and incident? If you still do not know, continue reading and discovering it.

Difference between Incident and Accident

This word has a negative implication and almost always involves loss of life or property. An accident is a mishap, an unforeseen event, or circumstance that occurs, bringing with it negative results.

In spite of everything, there are exceptional cases in which an accident has led or has resulted in positive things; for example, some inventions or historical discoveries occurred in this way. Cellophane, post-it notes, microwave oven, Viagra … are some of the most famous discoveries and inventions that were the result of accidents.

On the other hand, an incident is something that happens and can turn out to be positive or negative. Generally it is something dependent or subordinate to something that happens and that has more importance.

The word incident is often used to refer to events that occur not unexpectedly (as in the case of accidents) but as a result of decisions that were made voluntarily and consciously. Examples of sentences in which this word is used:

  • Yesterday two people were killed in separate incidents.
  • Many of these incidents are reported.
  • The attack caused an international incident.

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