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Difference between Ignorance and Stupidity

Difference between Ignorance and Stupidity

Ignorance vs. Stupidity

What is Difference between Ignorance and Stupidity? The intrinsic difference between the two words is of course, that ignorance implies the lack of awareness about something while stupidity denotes the inability of a person to understand something due to the insufficient intelligence of the person, which leads him to misinterpret a fact.

For example, a person who has never seen a car would not know how to handle it because he has not been in contact with that object. On the other hand, a stupid person, who has probably seen cars but still, cannot handle them because he imagines that in order for the car to move he has to be talked to or asked to move! Let’s explain the difference between Ignorance and Stupidity in little bit more detail.

Difference between Ignorance and Stupidity

In the first case, the person is explained that he has to do so that the car moves, and maybe he learns to handle it, the stupid person will never be able to handle it until he desists his idea of ​​how a car moves. An ignorant person may exhibit stupidity but due to an inadequate understanding in a certain situation and exposure and experience will eliminate that ignorance because it will ensure that that person has no doubts left. A stupid person is also ignorant because his stupidity prevents him from acquiring knowledge and because of that, it is much safer for that person to remain stupid and ignorant.

A person is largely ignorant of the circumstances of his life, whereas a stupid person is ignorant because of an attitude problem that prevents him from learning from his environment or from his correlated or due to a mental deficiency. For example, if the son of a Congo tribe is given an education in the best schools and universities in the world, he may not show ignorance of his tribe and end up being a scientist or teacher while the son of an oil tycoon the United States that has everything, it will be easy for you to do stupid things like drugs and you will end up wasting your life.

No region or person is totally stupid or ignorant. While ignorance is caused by the same set of factors worldwide, either lack of exposure or experience. Stupidity is also a matter of perception. People living in the tropics often wear light-colored clothing because of the hot weather and the need to reflect the sun’s rays. People who live in cold places prefer dark clothes due to the need to absorb sunlight. Now if they were to change countries and meet with the way they dress they would think that it is stupid but that due to ignorance.

In Summary:

  • Ignorance implies a lack of conscience, while stupidity is the impossibility of understanding.
  • Ignorance can be removed by acquiring language, whereas a stupid person is intrinsically and therefore difficult to reform.
  • Ignorance is due to the circumstances of a person’s life, while stupidity is due to a problem of attitude or mental deficiency of the person.
  • While the reasons for ignorance are universally the same, stupidity is very often defined by the perception of what one considers stupid.

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