Difference between Ice Cream and Cold Dessert | Ice Cream vs. Cold Dessert

Ice Cream vs. Cold Dessert

Difference between ice cream and cold dessert: – Almost everyone loves desserts and more than one does not mind climbing a few kilos to eat them in abundance. There are all kinds, colors and flavors; but in general we know that most are characterized by their sweet taste.

Difference between ice cream and cold dessert

This time we will talk about two of the most common terms we can find when it comes to desserts: ice cream and cold desserts, two different things that some even confuse.

If you do not know the Difference between ice cream and cold dessert or just want a little more information about it, keep reading, because then we’ll give you a few details.

Cold dessert
It is called so to the dishes that are characterized by their sweet taste and that are prepared by means of techniques of cooling. They can also be prepared by freezing liquid, semi-liquid and sometimes solid ingredients as well.

Cold desserts are quite popular in the summer. Under this generic name you can find the most diverse styles of desserts that are prepared by cooling or freezing.

It is said that the first cold desserts began to be prepared in Asia in 3000 BC when some Asian people realized that crushed ice was good to eat if some flavors were added. On the other hand, today we have an immense variety of desserts of this type, some of which even carry a pre-freeze-warming process (as in the case of gelatins).

Gelatins, ice cream and frozen custard are some of the most common cold desserts. They can contain different ingredients like flavored water, milk, cream, fruits.

Ice cream
On the other hand, ice cream is one of many types of cold desserts, which is usually made from dairy products. The main ingredients of this dessert are: milk, sugar, cream and flavorings.

Ice cream as we know it today is supposed to have been invented in Italy during the seventeenth century. Also, it is important to note that this dessert is also usually flavored with some seasonal fruits or other ingredients such as chocolate, cookies, biscuits. Finally, among all the cold desserts, the ice cream is the one that is consumed with more regularity.