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Difference between Hostility and Aggression | Hostility vs. Aggression

Difference between Hostility and Aggression | Hostility vs. Aggression

Hostility vs. Aggression

Difference between Hostility and Aggression: – Both hostility and aggression have one common root: anger. For this reason, often both concepts are confused and even there are people who believe that they refer to the same thing. So that you can better understand what each one consists of, here’s the difference between hostility and aggression.

Difference between Hostility and Aggression

Aggressiveness is one of the behaviors that come out of anger. It refers to the use of words, beatings or other violent behaviors that are intended to hurt, embarrass, hurt or in general sense; make someone feel bad or something that for one reason or another arouses our anger and is object of our contempt.

In many cases aggression can occur without any real cause, as there are people who simply have problems when handling their emotions and feelings.

Hostility, on the other hand, can be said to be more abstract than aggressiveness. It consists of rejection and a state of bad feelings against someone or something.

Hostility can occur on both sides, but it could also be felt by only one of the parties involved. In addition, that a person or animal is hostile does not necessarily mean that it is also aggressive.

The key differences between aggression and hostility are in aggression violent actions are always involved against someone or something, while hostility is usually only a feeling of rejection or contempt against someone or something.

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