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Difference between Hospital and Hospitality | Hospital vs Hospitality

Difference between Hospital and Hospitality | Hospital vs Hospitality

Hospital vs Hospitality

Difference between Hospital and Hospitality:- What is the Difference between Hospital and Hospitality? The words hospital and hospitality sound somewhat similar; hence some people believe that the relationship between them is narrower than it really is. However, while it is true that in both cases they may be related to the fact or action of caring for people; the truth is that the type of care is described differently.

Difference between Hospital and Hospitality

In order to avoid any possible confusion, read on, because here is the difference between hospitality and hospital.

This word can designate an institution in charge of caring for and providing care for sick people or animals. Usually refers to a public center where medical treatment is offered, although there are cases in which the hospitals are private.

A hospital is a health care organization, which provides treatments to patients suffering from illness or disease. In hospitals the patients are attended by trained personnel and by experts who also have the necessary equipment to treat various cases. Usually hospitals are open 24 hours a day and among the staff they can mention doctors, nurses, and surgeons.

On the other hand, the word hospitality is defined as the cordial or friendly reception that the strangers or guests receive from the host or guest. Hospitality marks a connection between lodging and serving. It simply means treating the guests or strangers as if they were friends.

Since ancient time’s hospitality has been considered as important in many societies, so much so that in ancient Greece Zeus (king of the gods) was associated with it, because it is considered to be a virtue.

In order to be hospitable, many interpersonal skills are needed, so in many businesses such as hotels, travel agencies, restaurants … (where hospitality is of vital importance) train the staff or look for personnel trained in this “art”.

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