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Difference between Hope and Expectation | Hope vs. Expectation

Difference between Hope and Expectation | Hope vs. Expectation

Hope vs. Expectation

Difference between Hope and Expectation: – The expectations and the hopes are related, since they are very personal feelings of each human being. Both are experienced by each individual at one time or another, however, despite the relationship between the two and the similarities they may have; these concepts refer to different things.

Difference between Hope and Expectation

To clarify your doubts, then we tell you what the difference between hope and expectation is.

Hope refers to the belief that the events or circumstances through which the individual traverses, in the end will have positive results or have occurred for a good reason.

It is a feeling that consists in believing that our desires will come true. It is always associated with positive feelings. For example, one can hope to live in a better place or one day in the world there will be no more wars; but it would not be called hope if instead of the above one thinks that in a couple of years the world will be destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

Above all, hope has to do with our dreams, goals, thoughts and purposes. It involves a set of feelings that can be difficult to describe to others.

When hope does not become reality, the person is disappointed; but not as much as when it comes to unsatisfied expectation.

Usually, even if hope fails; there is always the possibility of returning to hope for something. As they say, hope is the last thing that is lost.

When it comes to hopes, many people who have them believe that fate will play in their favor so that these will be fulfilled. Even so, these are usually based on realistic desires.

The expectation consists in a desire similar to the one you have when it comes to hope, but unlike the latter; the expectation almost always depends on the others to be fulfilled.

Expectations can be described in the same way that hopes are described, as they are also related to the sense of anticipation and the belief that what you expect will happen.

Unlike hope that is based more on oneself, expectation involves others knowingly or unknowingly. Almost always, one expects something from the others and depending on how well the others do what is expected; it will be our reaction and subsequent behavior.

Unsatisfied expectations lead to results that are different from those that lead to failed expectations since in the latter case the person is disappointed; but when it comes to the former, individuals tend to feel frustrated.

When the expectations are not fulfilled, they do not recover as usually happens in the case of hopes; but can lead to a series of negative feelings.

Contrary to what happens with hope, the expectation is mostly related to wrong and unrealistic demands.

Key differences between Hope and Expectation

  • Hope involves a series of feelings that have to do more with oneself and the inner self, while the expectation is almost always related to others and depends on others to be fulfilled.
  • Unsatisfied expectations often generate more negative feelings than unfulfilled expectations.
  • An example of hope would be to expect to be cured of a disease, while an example of expectation might be to expect our partner to always be in a good mood and stay in shape regardless of age.
  • The desires you have when it comes to hope are often more realistic than when it comes to expectation.
  • Generally, expectations are desires that are expected to be satisfied in the short term; while hopes are often long-term.

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