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Difference between Honey and Sugar | Honey vs. Sugar

Difference between Honey and Sugar | Honey vs. Sugar

Honey vs. Sugar

Difference between honey and sugar: – It can be said that most people consider that sweet is the best of flavors, whether children or adults, almost all have a marked preference for foods with this flavor. It is both the love of sweetness that some even develop addictions, not to mention the huge number of individuals who are overweight because they are faithful consumers of foods containing sugar, honey or other high-calorie substances used to sweeten.

Difference between honey and sugar

This time we explain the difference between honey and sugar mentioned above: sugar and honey, since they are common and frequent use.

Honey is sweeter than sugar and also contains more nutrients than the latter; however, for the same reason we just mentioned, it is also higher in caloric content.

Bees are responsible for producing honey, because this is usually a little more expensive than sugar. It consists of three different types of sugars: glucose, fructose and sucrose.

One hundred (100) grams of honey contain 82 grams of carbohydrates and all of these correspond to sugar (not fiber). In addition, honey contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals; benefits that sugar does not have. Despite all its benefits, when consumed in large quantities it can be detrimental to health.

On the other hand, although there are other sources of sugar, the main source of this is the sugar cane. Unlike honey, it contains fewer nutrients (almost nothing) and is often linked to more health problems.

The sugar we normally use contains 50% sucrose and 50% fructose. Also, while a spoonful of honey contains 22 calories; 100 grams of sugar contains 387 calories (16 calories per scoop). Finally, sugar is more abundant than honey and also cheaper; in addition it is much more used both in the homes as also in the food industry.

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