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Difference between Hollywood and Bollywood

Difference between Hollywood and Bollywood

 Hollywood vs. Bollywood

Difference between Hollywood and Bollywood: – Bollywood and Hollywood are two well-known cinematographic industries in the international cinematographic scene. Both are pillars in the film industry, thanks to their films, agents. But something that draws much attention to both industries is their similarities. Below this post is all about the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood.

Difference between Hollywood and Bollywood


Hollywood is basically the American film industry that distributes films around the world. It bears the name of a district in Los Angeles, California, which became the center of film studios. It was established before World War I and is considered to be the most important and influential film industry in the world. Hollywood boasts of international stars of different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities. Both the Hollywood films and the stars that lead them are recognized by many people around the world.

Many Hollywood movies make use of special effects and other types of technologies in their production. The films are usually in English and where they highlight some elements like crime, blood, extreme emotions, violence, sex and other controversial topics. Also, some films address issues in many ranges (local or international) and type (social, political, among others).

In terms of revenue, Hollywood dominates sales. The industry earns more revenue by using its franchise system, apart from the revenue coming from the movie itself.

Movies are often linked to various media such as TV networks and magazines. Most Hollywood movies have international premieres. In terms of production, Hollywood films are expensive not only for the use of technology but also for other production elements. Globally, Hollywood earns 75 percent of all revenue from its movies.


On the other hand, Bollywood is a part of the Hindi movie industry. The term “Bollywood” was created and popularized in the 1970s, when Hindi cinema surpassed that of Hollywood. The name is a combination of Mumbai (now Mumbai, its place of concentration) and “Hollywood”. Bollywood originated in the 1930s.

The films created by Bollywood are often family oriented and appeal to human sensibility. The typical duration of a Bollywood film is three hours with the inclusion of an intermediate. The dominant themes in these films are the musical comedies with big casts, several songs and dance sequences. Drama is also a constant in this type of films. The languages ​​used are Hindi or Hindish (a combination of English and Hindi).

One of the main criticisms of Bollywood films is that they have a predictable and consistent plot. Some also lack creativity and become a form of escapist entertainment. It is also criticized that some Bollywood films are copies of Hollywood.

Bollywood also produces and distributes its films internationally, but does not receive the same attention and does not have the same reach as Hollywood. Some foreign countries are direct consumers of this film industry. The Bollywood industry produces more films, but spends less on its production. The success or profits of a movie depend on the income you get from your presentation and the music videos that the movie produces. Approximately 50 percent of Bollywood films are not released to the general audience.

Key differences between Hollywood and Bollywood

  • Hollywood was created before the First World War, while Bollywood appeared in the 1930s.
  • Hollywood movies are often released to international audiences, while Bollywood films focus on a more specific audience.
  • Hollywood tackles controversial and varied themes in his films, on the other hand; Bollywood focuses on themes for the whole family, comedies and musicals.
  • Hollywood uses a lot of technological resources for the production of its films, whereas Bollywood emphasizes more of the cast that it stars them.
  • On behalf of Hollywood is due to the district where these film studios are located, while Bollywood in a combination of “Bombay” and “Hollywood.”
  • Hollywood movies are often shorter than Bollywood movies.
  • Hollywood stars are more popular than Bollywood stars.
  • Bollywood makes more movies, but Hollywood makes more money than his.

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