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Difference between Hippie and Bohemian | Hippie vs Bohemian

Difference between Hippie and Bohemian | Hippie vs Bohemian

Hippie vs Bohemian

Difference between hippie and bohemian: – When talking about fashion, there are things that everyone wants to use and others that they want to mix. These mixes of clothing styles can perfectly complement an informal style, but not understanding some concepts and therefore; mixing the wrong garments could lead to an unattractive outcome. Here below you will about the difference between hippie and bohemian, so keep reading the post.

Difference between hippie and bohemian

Today, hippie and bohemian fashion is not just a resource used to attend theme parties; there are also many people who wear garments of these styles in their day to day life.

Since bohemian and hippie is fashionable you are probably wondering what the difference is between bohemian and hippie or maybe just go and look for a little more information to complement what you already know. In any case, continue reading, since below we explain everything you need to know about this interesting topic,

Bohemian fashion:
Bohemian is actually a style or philosophy of life to which many people are accustomed. An example of a person who carried this style very well, was the writer Oscar Wilde. However, for today’s generations bohemian has simply become a popular fashion?

All this revolution does not change the origin of this fashion. It remains a style that blends vintage with other modern elements and accessories. It is a fashion that makes antiquity a source of inspiration.

Bohemian fashion combines modern clothes and accessories with older clothes. By means of the costumes, a balance is achieved between both poles.

One of the most remarkable features of bohemian fashion is that the set of garments is usually angry or loose, light and balanced.

Hippie fashion:
Hippie fashion, on the other hand, is said to have been influenced by The Beatles, but this fashion is not characterized precisely by mixing and combining just like the previous one. Hippie can be said to be free from everything, that is, dress in a very comfortable way.

You can bring flowers, various colors … in short, the hippie style is characterized by being carefree by what others think and by the search and enjoyment of what life offers.

In spite of everything, being hippy today is still considered a lifestyle, more than a fashion. For example, people wear clothes that make them feel individualistic and unique in their genre. In the case of women, skirts and long dresses made with soft and fresh fabrics are very common. In both sexes clothing predominates that combine several colors.

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