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Difference between Him and His

Difference between Him and His

There is a big difference between him and his. Him is aloof and unapproachable, while his is warm and welcoming. Him focuses on himself, while his concentrates on others. him is negative and critical, while his is positive and supportive. What makes the biggest difference though, is that despite their differences, both are necessary for balance in life.

What is Him?

Him is a possessive pronoun that is typically used to refer to a male, whether it is someone who has been previously mentioned or someone who is known by the speaker. For example, you might say “I saw him at the store” to refer to a man you saw there. You can also use Him as the subject of a sentence, as in “Him and his friends were causing a disturbance.” In addition, Him can be used as an object pronoun, as in “She gave Him a gift.” Him can also be used in possessive forms, such as “His book was on the floor.” Overall, Him is a versatile pronoun that can be used in many different ways.

What is His?

His what? His book? His house? His car? The pronoun “his” is a possessive one, indicating that something belongs to a man. In order to properly understand what is being referred to by “his,” it is necessary to look at the context in which the word is used. For example, if someone says “His book is on the table,” it is clear that they are referring to a book that belongs to a man. However, if someone says “What is his?” the meaning becomes less clear. In this case, it is necessary to ask for clarification in order to determine what is being referred to.

Difference between Him and His

When writing, it is important to know the difference between Him and His. Him is a pronoun that refers to a male, while His is a possessive pronoun that shows ownership. For example, if you were writing about a boy named John, you would use Him as the subject of the sentence and His as the possessive. Incorrect usage would be “His went to the store,” whereas the correct sentence would be “He went to the store.” When in doubt, Him always refers to the subject of the sentence, whereas His shows possession. Therefore, if you are unsure of which word to use, Him is usually the safer choice. By taking the time to learn proper grammar, you can ensure that your writing is clear and accurate.


The difference between him and his can be confusing for people learning English as a second language. In this blog post, we have explained the difference using examples. We hope that this has clarified any confusion and helped you to better understand the use of him and his English.

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