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Difference between Highlights and Color

Difference between Highlights and Color

The difference between highlights and color is an important one to understand. Highlights are light pieces of hair that are added to the top of your head. They can be any color, but they are often lighter than the base color of your hair. Color, on the other hand, is used to dye your whole head of hair a certain color. If you want to add highlights, you will need to dye your whole head of hair first and then add the highlights.

What is Highlight?

Highlight hair is a type of hair coloring that entails lightening the hair strands to create a highlighted effect. Highlighting involves using bleach or lightener to selectively lighten certain sections of the hair, usually in a zig-zag pattern. Highlighting can be used to create a variety of looks, from natural-looking sun-kissed streaks to bold and dramatic chunks of color. The amount of lightning and the placement of highlights can be customized to achieve the desired look. Highlighting is a popular choice for those looking to add some dimension and interest to their hair. When done correctly, highlights can enhance your features and give you a fresh, new look.

What is Color?

Hair color is determined by the amount of a pigment called melanin in the hair. People with dark hair have more melanin than people with light hair. Melanin is produced by cells in the skin called melanocytes. When these cells are damaged or die, they stop producing melanin. This can happen when you are exposed to the sun for too long, which is why your skin gets sunburned. The same thing can happen to your hair, which is why it can become lighter in color after spending time in the sun. The color of your hair also depends on how much oxygen it is exposed to. Oxygen makes melanin break down, so hair that is not exposed to oxygen (such as dyed or bleached hair) will retain it’s color longer.

Difference between Highlights and Color

Highlights are traditionally lighter shades than your base color. They are most commonly applied to the top layer of hair and can be done with foils, a cap, or a Highlights brush. When Highlights are done with a Highlights brush, sections of hair are pulled up and colored freehand. Highlights can also be added to the base color to lighten it overall. Highlights are usually one or two shades lighter than the base color. Color, on the other hand, is applied all over and can be used to change the base color or cover grays. It is important to note that Highlights will not cover grays as a color will. Highlights can be done at home but for best results, it is recommended that you see a professional stylist. Highlights can be a subtle way to add dimension to your hair while color can give you a completely new look.


Highlights and color are both important aspects of design, but they serve different purposes. Highlights help to draw attention to specific elements on a page and guide the reader’s eye around the layout. Color can be used to create moods or evoke emotions in the viewer, as well as set a tone for the website or brand. It is important to use both highlights and color correction in order to create an effective design that sells your product or service.

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