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Difference between Hashish and Marijuana

Difference between Hashish and Marijuana

What is Difference between Hashish and Marijuana? Marijuana also known as Weed, Grass, Pot, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Dope or Ganja comes from the same plant as Hash or hashish, Charas, Stuff, Manali or cream. This plant is called Cannabis Sativa. Below this post is all about the difference Between Hashish and Marijuana.

Difference between Hashish and Marijuana

Definition of marijuana and Hash

  • Basically marijuana is the dry leaf of the plant and the fruit of the plant. It dries to look like a kind of regular tea leaves.
  • The Hash is the pushed, unscrewed, scraped, resin mash of the leaves together as and treated with various types of chemicals. The pasta is dried and cut into hashish or Hash cakes.

A Brief History of Marijuana and Hash

The Cannabis leaf is like the shape of the Canadian flag symbol. But green the green team means peace won hype in the 60s Hippie movement, although it has existed in India and China for centuries and millennia. Marijuana is some say “completely harmless” hash “almost harmless”, which is, of course, compared to Alcohol and cigarettes.

As the Lotus plant has many uses for all its parts (the root is eaten and the flower is used as a decoration), Cannabis also has many uses. It was discovered in China centuries ago to make paper, hemp cloth and bags. Today it is mainly used in two things – making marijuana and Hash.

Activists are gaining ground worldwide on legal and medical use, demanding the legal use of the herb they say has wonderful medicinal and healing properties. The United States entered a frenzy of prohibition in the 1960’s when it succeeded in getting many countries to accept the criminalization of Cannabis.

Although both are classified as mild “Drugs” to date zero cases of fatal overdose have been recorded. People hardly seem to leave and cause road accidents in DUP (boat *) compared to thousands with DUI worldwide. Many countries give only handfuls as a fine while some give the death penalty, which is a large interval when it comes to the level of penalties on Cannabis.

Uses of Marijuana and Hashish

Access with any of these is prohibited in many parts of the world, with the notable exception of Amsterdam. Many places in the world have begun to legalize these for the purpose of medical use through “Stores” operated by the government.

  • Marijuana is attached to the non-consumable seeds and barks of the plant that must be meticulously removed before preparing a bong, a joint or an empty cigarette paper or a chillum aka Chill. People find Hash stronger and more addictive (of course by resin) than soft grass. It supposedly improves the appetite (giving smokers ‘munchies’), musical ability, lateral thinking, creative thinking, writing, meditation, etc. But all that is speculation.
  • Hash is smoked in the same way as marijuana except it is stronger and more potent and thus “potentially” more harmful.
  • Examples of marijuana and Hash
  • Caribbean, Mysore, California Sun etc.
  • Afghani, Kashmiri, Turkish, Manali etc.


  • Marijuana is a dry leaf of a plant while the hash is pure resin from the leaves.
  • Hash is stronger than marijuana.

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