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Difference between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings | Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings

Difference between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings

Difference between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings: – Both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are series of books that have gained much fame and popularity; however, much is debated about the similarities and differences that can be seen between these two works of fiction.

Both works are constantly compared, so you may be interested in knowing the difference between them. If you have doubts about it or just go for some complementary information, read on, because then we explain everything you need to know about difference between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

What is Difference between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter
The first and most obvious difference between these two books is that they have different authors. Harry Potter was written by JK Rowling and the first book in the series was published in 1994.

On the other hand, if one tries to find similarities between the stories, one cannot ignore the fact that there is a good resemblance between Gandalf in Tolkien’s story and Rowling’s Dumbledore. Both characters act as guides or mentors of the respective protagonists.

Also, Harry and Frodo are of similar nature. The two are young orphans who suddenly find themselves immersed in a magical world that previously was ignored by everyone (including family and friends). Both characters have a destiny to fulfill, Harry has to face and defeat Lord Voldemort; while Frodo must take the One Ring and throw it at Mount of Fate to defeat Lord Sauron.

If we go to the antagonists of these stories we realize that both Sauron and Voldemort seek total power and control. In both cases they are referred to as “Dark Lord”, due to the fear that others have of using their nouns.

The Lord of the rings
On the other hand, the first of these books was published in the year 1954 by JRR Tolkien and, despite the similarities between the two series, it is clear that it is only superficial resemblances.

Tolkien’s works are much deeper than Rowling’s, so much so that they have contributed to molding the fantasy genre. It can be said that almost all current fantasy works consciously or unconsciously emulate some aspects of Tolkien’s.

While Tolkien has created a mythology and a complete world in her work, Rowling remains in her world. His mythology is mixed with many aspects of the real world.

Finally, one of the most important points to highlight is the fact that unlike The Lord of the Rings, which is aimed at a more mature audience; Harry Potter was intended for a younger audience. Tolkien’s series is more of an epic adventure, while Rowling’s focuses more on the growth of the characters and how they face the world.

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