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Difference Between Hair Color And Hair Dye

Difference Between Hair Color And Hair Dye

Getting colored hair are always on trend and it start from last few years and this trend is definitely going to rock 2019 and you should too try getting your hairs colored. Hair color 2019 would include popping colored as well as bold colored that you instantly lift up your look as well as your confidence level. Different people have different preferences when it comes to hair coloring some people want to change their look and so they get their hair colored as they desire and there are people who try coloring their hair because they simply want to hide their grey hairs. Now you might get the question asked by the parlor girl when you go to get your hairs colored that whether you want to get your hairs dyed or you want them to be colored. You might get confused in this simple question because the result of a hair color as well as hair dye seems to be absolutely similar in first few days and thereafter as days pass the differences of a hair color and hair dye comes in front. If you want to skip this confusion then here is the difference between hair colors from that of a hair dye:

Hair coloring:

When it comes to hair coloring then often ammonia free hair colors are used to color your hair and you would be amazed to know that this ammonia-free hair colors actually come from vegetable, fruits or from the color of flowers. The only advantage of this kind of hair color is that they tend to be natural with minimum chemicals hence they do not damage hairs as much. So if you are someone who wants to get your hairs colored but fear about hair damage then this is what you need in your life to be like you want to see yourself like. Most of the hair dye that contain ammonia tend to harm our scalp and over all hair so soon after having those colors we can face hair breakage, dryness, and even hair fall and in some cases dandruff problem also came across. With the organic hair color these problems won’t come but it is always advised to do a simple patch test before you use the hair color all over your hair. the best thing about hair colors are that it won’t get inside the scalp rather so there is no single chance of getting hair damaged. Now here are few things that you need to know before getting hairs colored such as the following:

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Any hair color that is ammonia free would get off in few washes so you have keep on re-applying it after 2 to 3 months but it is better than losing your hairs isn’t it? you need to get your hands on good hair color protecting shampoo and it cannot be guaranteed about the pigmentation as the natural hair color matters a lot when it comes to hair color pigmentations. If you are someone who loves experimenting with your looks as well as hair colors then you should go with this type of hair color as with this you would be able to have more colors without waiting for too long period of time.

It is said that this ammonia-free hair colors are helpful in bringing back the shine of the hair and it also makes the hair soother as well as manageable and the best thing is it won’t dry out your hairs at all but makes sure to use a good hair serum after getting your hairs colored.

Hair dying:

The concept of hair dyes are quite different from hair colors as these dyes are meant for permanent hair coloring so once you would get our hairs dyed the color won’t come off until and unless you cut off the colored hairs of yours. The high content of ammonia in these hair dyes makes them a permanent solution for grey hairs and most of the people get blond colored dye on their hairs and then they use ammonia free hair colors up on so that the hair color could pop up and as the hair color would go off with few washes they can again try new colors on their hairs. these hair dyes are on trend nowadays and everyone is getting these dyes on but since it is not ammonia-free so it would definitely do some damage to your hair so you need to be extra caring after getting such hair dyes done on your hairs. You should use good color protecting as well as hair fall control shampoo and also make sure to have thick hair conditioner that needs to be color protecting one and using a hair serum afterward is very important in order to maintain the beauty of your hair.

Fashionterest says these were the difference of hair color and hair dyes and now it all depends up on you what you want to get for your hairs and it is for sure that both of them have some advantages as well as some disadvantages so you need to balance out your desire after understanding the side effects.

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