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Difference between Gynecologist and Obstetrician | Gynecologist vs Obstetrician

Difference between Gynecologist and Obstetrician | Gynecologist vs Obstetrician

Gynecologist vs Obstetrician

Difference between gynecologist and obstetrician: – The health problems that affect people are very varied and often very complex. Medicine as a general science has been found to be divided into many branches, so that specialists can focus on certain problems; since it would be impossible for a doctor to be able to study, understand and become an expert on health problems in a general sense.

Difference between gynecologist and obstetrician

Some studies point out that it is women, not men, who mostly make medical visits. And since we are talking about women, it is important to know about two types of specialists in charge of women’s health: gynecologists and obstetricians and most importantly the difference between gynecologist and obstetrician.

Gynecologists are doctors who treat the problems of the woman’s reproductive system. They deal especially with problems related to the ovaries, uterus and vagina. They treat a number of conditions and disorders that could occur in women, such as the cycle of irregular menstruation, polycystic ovaries and the inflection of the walls of the uterus.

Gynecologists can also work in fields such as contraception, menopause, colposcopy, reproductive medicine and urogynecology.

Obstetricians also take care of women’s health, but these care in situations that are related to motherhood. They are the ones who take care of the pregnant women.

Your role may also include help with pregnancy planning. They can specialize in fields such as fetal medicine, maternal medicine and care during childbirth.

Unlike gynecologists, obstetricians only take care of pregnant women. It is important to clarify that due to the relationship between both specialties; usually doctors who focus on these areas, end up specializing in both. In addition, another important detail is that in most cases an obstetrician can work as a gynecologist; but a gynecologist cannot work as an obstetrician.

Unlike gynecologists, obstetricians often do not treat diseases. Instead, they do work with problems such as ectopic pregnancies. In the case of miscarriages, both the obstetrician and the gynecologist can provide treatment and care.

Key difference between gynecology and obstetrics

  • Gynecology is responsible for the health of the reproductive system of women, while obstetrics works with pregnant women.
  • Gynecology treats problems and disorders related to the female reproductive system, but obstetrics is responsible for pregnancy and childbirth.

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