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Difference between Google Fi and Ting

Difference between Google Fi and Ting

Are you considering switching mobile carriers to one of the growing numbers of affordable MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)? If your answer is yes, then you likely have heard about Google Fi and Ting. Both services offer plans with no contracts and very reasonable monthly fees, but that’s where the similarities end. There are a lot of differences between these two providers — some big, some small — so if you’re wondering which one would work best for your needs and lifestyle, read on! In this blog post, we’ll discuss what makes each company unique, covering everything from their network coverage options to their customer service policies. By exploring all the facts side by side, you can make an informed decision about which provider might be right for you.

What is Google Fi?

Google Fi is Google’s wireless phone service provider. It offers mobile phone, messaging, and data services that are managed through Google’s network of partner carriers. Customers can get their own Google Fi phone or choose to use their existing unlocked Android or iOS device with Google Fi SIM cards. Google Fi offers pay-as-you-go plans, no-contract plans, international roaming options, and more. Its combination of affordability, ease of setup, and Google’s wide array of customer support resources make it an ideal phone service for individuals and businesses alike.

What is Ting?

Ting is a mobile phone service provider with a different approach. Ting customer support revolves around honesty, transparency, and flexibility; Ting does not use contracts or hidden fees, offers competitive rates for usage-based services, and provides customers with personalized support from Ting Agents.

With Ting’s clear billing system, customers know exactly how much data they are using and what that data costs without confusing math equations or uncertain charges. Ting also offers the ability to bring over existing phones instead of having to purchase new ones, taking the hassle out of switching providers. Ting is an innovative choice for those looking for reliable wireless service without being bogged down in legalese or compromised by high prices.

Difference between Google Fi and Ting

Google Fi and Ting offer highly affordable cell phone services. Google Fi has plans that start as low as $20 per month, while Ting’s options begin at only $6 each month.

  • Additionally, Google Fi simplifies payments by billing customers for their actual usage of data and minutes, while Ting charges a flat rate based on an estimate of how much of each you’ll use per month.
  • Google Fi also serves international travelers with help from its global network of mobile networks while the international coverage offered by Ting is more limited.
  • Google Fi offers a wide range of devices including the Google Pixel 5 and the Samsung Galaxy devices, all with no additional cost, whereas Ting offers only a small selection of devices from Google, Motorola, and Apple among others, usually with additional costs.


Ting is a great option if you want the freedom to choose your own phone and plan. If you’re already locked into the Google ecosystem, then Fi might be a better choice for you. However, both Ting and Fi offer fantastic coverage at an affordable price. So, ultimately, the best service for you will come down to personal preference.

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