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Difference Between Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

Difference Between Global Entry and TSA PreCheck


Are you planning to travel internationally soon? Before booking your next trip, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different airport security and customs clearance programs available. Two of the most popular options are Global Entry and TSA PreCheck. Although there is some crossover in the benefits they offer, these two programs have several key differences that make them suitable for various travelers. Read on to learn more about each program so you can decide which one is right for you!

What is Global Entry?

Global Entry is an expedited entry program offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to international travelers who travel frequently to the United States. Designed with convenience in mind, Global Entry allows travelers to save time when entering the country by providing them with access to automated kiosks or Global Entry lanes at airports around the world.

By using Global Entry, members are able to bypass long lines of travelers waiting for their turn at traditional passport control booths by simply swiping their Global Entry cards and fingerprinting at Global Access kiosks. In addition, Global Entry members enjoy a variety of other benefits such as access to TSA Pre-Check lanes and various discounts from participating airlines and retailers. Global Entry is certainly an invaluable program for frequent international travelers looking for a more efficient way to cross borders.

What is TSA PreCheck?

  • TSA PreCheck is a program designed to make the airport experience more efficient for those who frequently fly. TSA PreCheck members are provided with expedited security screening at over 180 airports in the United States and access to other TSA programs.
  • TSA PreCheck allows travelers to go through their own dedicated lane, helping them get through security faster while also avoiding taking off their shoes, light outerwear, or belt, and unpacking laptop computers and liquids during the screening process.
  • TSA PreCheck is open to people from all backgrounds and can be accessed by signing up online or at select offices across the country. TSA PreCheck is your ticket to a smoother airport experience!

Difference Between Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

Global Entry and TSA PreCheck are two popular programs that allow travelers to expedite their security screening process at airports when traveling both domestically and internationally.

  • Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that facilitates cross-border travel for pre-approved, low-risk travelers and includes the benefits of TSA PreCheck.
  • To apply for Global Entry, travelers must pass background checks, provide supporting documents, and must go in person to be fingerprinted before being approved into the Global Entry program.
  • TSA PreCheck is a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) managed program with slightly less involvement than Global Entry, as you do not have to attend an in-person interview after completing the application – your background will be screened based on the information given.
  • After approval Global Entry members can use PreCheck lanes without needing to sign up separately for it, while those enrolled into PreCheck cannot use Global Entry lanes unless they first become a Global Entry member.

Both Global Entry and TSA PreCheck help travelers get through airport screenings faster by skipping lines and not having to remove shoes, laptops, or liquids from their bags during security checks.


Both programs can save you time and alleviate some of the stress that comes with air travel. Global Entry is a better investment if you travel internationally with any frequency, while TSA PreCheck is probably a better choice if you primarily fly domestically. Regardless of which program you choose, enrolling in either one will help make your next flight a little bit easier.

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