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Difference between “Give it up” and “Applaud”

Difference between “Give it up” and “Applaud”

There is a big difference between giving something up and applauding. When you give something up, you are relinquishing it permanently. However, when you applaud, you are expressing your admiration and appreciation for someone or something. So, the next time you are faced with a decision, ask yourself whether giving it up or applauding is the right thing to do. You may be surprised by the answer!

What is Give It Up?

Give It Up is an informal expression meaning to stop doing something or to stop trying to get something. It can be used as a request, command, or statement of determination. The phrase is often used when someone has been trying unsuccessfully to do or obtain something and is likely to continue trying without success. Give It Up can also be used to express frustration or annoyance with someone who is continually doing something that is regarded as annoying or unwanted. In some cases, Give It Up may also be used as a threat or ultimatum.

What is Applaud?

Applaud can be defined as showing approval or admiration by clapping one’s hands together. It is often done in response to a performance, such as a dance, musical piece, or play. Applause can also be used as a verb, meaning to express approval in this way. Clapping is not the only form of Applaud word meaning, however. Applause can also refer to other forms of praise, such as cheers, whistles, and shouts. In written form, Applaud word meaning is typically represented by exclamation points or italics. Whatever the form, Applause is a way of showing approval and support.

Difference between Give It Up and Applaud

Give It Up and Applaud are two very different things. Give It Up is when you voluntarily end something that you are doing. Applaud is when you clap your hands to show approval or satisfaction.

  • Give It Up can be for many different things such as a bad habit, a fights, drugs, alcohol, etc. Applaud is mainly used for shows of appreciation or happiness.
  • When you Give It Up, you are making the decision to stop on your own. When you Applaud, you are acknowledging someone else’s work or success. Give It Up means that you are in control of yourself and your decisions.
  • Applaud means that you recognize and respect what someone else has done. Give It Up is for your benefit and well-being. Applaud is for supporting and encouraging others.


The next time you go to a concert or see someone on stage, remember the difference between give it up and applaud. Giving it up is a way of showing support and appreciation for the artist, while applause is generally reserved for when the performance is over. Understanding these differences can help you better show your support for the artists you love and make their performances more meaningful to them.

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