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Difference between Geography and Demography

Difference between Geography and Demography

Geography vs. Demography

What is Difference between Geography and Demography? Humans have always felt the need to measure and understand everything that surrounds us, we do not settle for so s or accept reality; but we are looking for an order in things. But among all the things that the different branches of knowledge seek to explain, undoubtedly, what most attract most of us are those that are related to our species and the planet we inhabit.

Difference between Geography and Demography

There are two sciences that are in charge, one to describe the planet we live in and the other to study human populations. These are Geography and Demography respectively. While it is true that both can help each s t it is also important to understand cu to be their characteristics that differentiate them.


The word Geography comes from the Greek word ‘geo’ <terra> and ‘graphing’ <draw>. It is the science in charge of the graphic representation of this planet: Earth. It studies the territories, places and the terrestrial surface, that is to say, the whole territorial structure. Geography began to develop from ancient Greece, where Erat or stenes one of the first Ge or graphs; or at least one of the m to s recognized; whose work (except a few) was lost when the Library of Alexandria í to was burned.

Today, Geography is divided into many branches and is also complemented with other sciences; since now it is not only limited to studying the structure or representation of terrestrial space; but also studies various phenomena, establishing relations between them and the locations in which they occur. C studies or how climate change, natural phenomena and various historical events that cut across human societies contribute to geographical changes.


On the other hand, the word Demography comes from the Greek ‘demos’ <people> and ‘spelling’ meaning <drawing>, <stroke> and also <description>. Unlike Geography, Demography does not focus on the territory and the graphic representation of the Earth; but in the study of the human populations that inhabit it.

It makes use of statistics to analyze the evolution and changes that occur in populations, as well as the factors involved in such changes. Demo or graphs work with surveys to measure the quality of life of each population, the literacy rate, mortality and the phenomenon of migration and emergency or n. Ibn Khaldun is considered as the father of Demography.

Like geography, é sta divides into several branches and its importance is that through their studies can create schedules to improve the quality of life of people. The Key difference between Geography and Demography is: Geography focuses its study on the territory and representation of the Earth, while Demography focuses on the study of human populations.

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