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Difference between Gamers and Furries

Difference between Gamers and Furries

Are you curious about the controversial topic of gaming vs furries? In recent years, gamers and furries have not only become more visible in our society but also more prominent and vocal regarding their respective communities. With both groups clashing regularly online, it can be hard to understand exactly what separates one from the other. To help shed some light on the differences between these two common subcultures, we’ll explore each group individually before comparing them. We’ll look at why they exist and what makes them unique – as well as uncovering any shared traits or opinions – all in this one comprehensive blog post!

Who are Gamers?

  • Gamers come from a wide variety of backgrounds; they range from teens to adults, doctors to plumbers, and athletes to home bakers. Gamers aren’t bound by gender or nationality- they come together online and in gaming arcades all around the world.
  • Gamers are also diverse in the types of games they play, spanning across sports games, first-person shooters, Battle Royale games, and even virtual reality escapades. Regardless of their differences, Gamers all share one thing- a passion for gaming!
  • With millions of Gamers around the globe connecting with each other through beloved video games and consoles, the gaming industry could truly be seen as an international community – united by our love for gaming!

Who are Furries?

Furries are a unique subculture of people that are known for their strong affinity and admiration for anthropomorphic animals. Furries typically take up the persona of a particular animal, dressing up in customized fursuits and using their chosen character to interact with one another both online and during Furfest conventions.

Furries often consider themselves part of the same family, eagerly taking on the role of an older or younger sibling depending on how they perceive their relationship with another furry. For many Furries, it allows them to express themselves and explore emotions they may not feel as free to express in their normal life – affording members of the subculture a form of escapism other than traditional forms like books or film.

Difference between Gamers and Furries

Gamers and furries occupy two distinct subcultures that have little in common but share a passion for the creation of fantasy worlds.

  • Gamers often share a love of digital games including card, role-playing, and video varieties, while furries typically live out their fantasies by creating characters with real or imagined animal features.
  • Gamers usually enjoy constructing these products from start to finish as part of a team effort, whereas many furries find pleasure in expressing themselves entirely through imagination and costuming.
  • Gamers prefer to focus on building unique game experiences while furries value putting extreme individualistic touches on their personas.

Despite sharing few similarities, Gamers and furries are both important members of the larger fantasy-gaming community who fulfill different yet equally vital roles.


Furries don’t just like to play games, they live and breathe them. The game for hours on end and never get tired of it. On the other hand, gamers are more casual about their gaming habits. They may enjoy playing video games, but they don’t let it consume their lives. So, if you’re ever wondering whether someone is a gamer or a furry, just ask them how much time they spend playing video games. Chances are, the answer will tell you everything you need to know.

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