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Difference between Function and Method

Difference between Function and Method

In the language of programming, a function is a set of instructions that performs a specific task. A method, on the other hand, is a function that is associated with a certain object or class. In most cases, methods are used to access the members of an object or class. Functions and methods can be used to create powerful programs and scripts. In this article, we will explore the difference between functions and methods in more detail. We will also look at some examples of how they can be used in programming.

What is Function?

In programming, a function is a subroutine that performs a specific task. It can take input values (arguments) and return an output value. Functions are often written in order to re-use code, making programming more efficient. For example, instead of writing the same code over and over to perform a certain task, you can write it once as a function and then call the function whenever you need to perform that task. This makes your code more organized and easier to read. Functions can be written in any programming language; however, they are especially important in functional programming languages, which are designed around the use of functions. In general, functions make code more modular and therefore easier to understand and maintain.

What is Method?

In the world of programming, a Method is a set of instructions that are grouped together in order to perform a specific task. Methods are often created in order to simplify repetitive code or to provide a way to perform a complex task. In many programming languages, Methods are defined within Classes, and they can be invoked using an object. For example, in the Java programming language, a Method is defined as follows:

public class MyClass {
public static void myMethod() {
// Code goes here
In this example, the Method is named “myMethod” and it is defined within the “MyClass” Class. In order to invoke this Method, we would use the following code:


As you can see, Methods can be very helpful in simplifying code and making it more readable. However, it is important to note that Methods can also make code more difficult to debug because they can introduce subtle bugs that are hard to track down. Therefore, it is important to use Methods judiciously and only when they genuinely improve the code.

Difference between Function and Method

A method is a\/\/function that is a property of an object. In other words, a method is something an object can do. A function is a standalone piece of code that can be called by itself. Functions are not bound to an object, like methods are. You can think of functions as being tools that can be used by many different objects, whereas methods are specific to an object and can only be used by that object. Function and method are often used interchangeably, but there is technically a difference between the two.


In programming, a function is a set of instructions that performs a specific task. A method is simply a function that is attached to a class. When you create an instance of the class, the system calls the method automatically. Understanding these differences will help you write more effective code and avoid potential errors.

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