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Difference between Frontend and Backend

Difference between Frontend and Backend

Most people think of the frontend and backend as one and the same, but there is in fact a big distinction between the two. The frontend is what you see when you visit a website – all of the pretty pictures, buttons, and text. The backend is what makes everything work – it’s responsible for storing information, processing requests, and delivering content. If you’re looking to become a web developer, it’s important to understand the differences between these two areas. So let’s take a closer look at each one.

What is Frontend?

  • Frontend development is a field that deals with the design and customization of user-facing elements of a website or application. Frontend developers are responsible for crafting the visual aspect of webpages, responsible for coding up elements like masks, images, and color schemes. Frontend programming languages include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and further frameworks such as AngularJS and React.
  • Frontend developers strategize which features to display and how these features should look to users. Frontend development is distinct from backend development as it creates an interface between users which backend developers do not deal with.
  • Frontend covers topics relating to graphics, user interface design, animation, responsive design and accessibility. Powerful frontends empower digital experiences to be aesthetically pleasing while providing useful functionalities.

What is Backend?

Backend is the unseen, but vital, part of website development. It refers to the server-side software and databases which serve content and power the frontend of a website. Backend code supports all the features that appear on a website, including images, video streams, search capabilities, user registration and login systems, comment sections, and more. Backend developers are responsible for building efficient code which creates an enjoyable experience for users without slowing down site performance. Backend collaborations between web developers, software engineers and database administrators ensure websites work flawlessly at every stage of development.

Difference between Frontend and Backend

  • Frontend and Backend are actually two distinct but related parts of creating an application. Frontend is basically everything that the user sees, such as the design and interactivity of the application.
  • This includes everything from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to the graphical elements of an application. On the other hand, Backend focuses on what happens behind the scenes when a user interacts with an application.
  • This involves setting up a server environment and writing business logic in programming languages like Python or Java to make sure users get what they expect each time they use an application. Frontend and Backend both complement each other in order to build a successful web application that provides users with a great experience.


So what exactly is the difference between front-end and back-end development? Front-end developers are responsible for the look, feel and interactivity of a website or app. They use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create everything a user sees on screen. Back-end developers work with servers and databases to make sure that data is processed correctly and delivered to the right place.

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