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Difference between FLA and SWF

Difference between FLA and SWF

Flash files are commonly used to store and run animations, graphics, and ActionScript. There are two main types of Flash files: SWF and FLA. In this article, we will discuss the difference between FLA and SWF files.
In particular, we will look at the following points:
-The structure of an FLA file vs an SWF file
-The benefits of using an FLA file
-How to convert an SWF file into an FLA file.

What is FLA?

FLA files are the source files used to create Adobe Flash animations. FLA stands for Flash Library, and these files are typically created in Adobe Animate, formerly known as Adobe Flash Professional. FLA files contain the Timeline, which is used to arrange and animate the various elements in a Flash animation. In addition, FLA files may also include ActionScript code, which is used to add interactivity to an animation. FLA files can be exported to a variety of formats, including SWF, which can be played back in a web browser. While FLA files are not typically viewed by end users, they play an important role in the creation of Flash animations.

What is SWF?

SWF Flash files are vector-based animations that are widely used on the Internet. SWF files are played by the Adobe Flash Player, which is a web browser plugin, or by standalone SWF players. SWF files can also be embedded in PDF documents. SWF Flash files are small and can be easily shared online. SWF files are used to create games, advertisements, and animated graphics. SWF Flash files are created by the Adobe Animate software.

Difference between FLA and SWF

FLA files are the source files that are used to create SWF files. FLA files are created in Adobe Flash and contain the timeline, graphics, sound, and other data that is used to create a SWF file. FLA files can be edited in Adobe Flash, and can be exported to other formats such as HTML or PDF. SWF files are the compiled, published form of FLA files. They cannot be edited in Adobe Flash, but can be played back in a web browser or standalone player. SWF files are smaller and have a more efficient file format than FLA files, making them well-suited for playback over the internet.


The FLA file format is used for creating and editing Flash files. SWF files are the end result of compiling your project into a single, distributable file. While you can create an SWF file from an FLA, it’s not always necessary – especially if you plan to publish your project online. When in doubt, use the .SWF extension when saving your work.

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