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Difference between Fiction and Literary Fiction

Difference between Fiction and Literary Fiction

It’s no secret that the publishing world is crammed with all sorts of fiction genres. But what about literary fiction? How does it differ from other types of fiction, and why should writers consider it for their next submission? In this post, we’ll explore the definition of literary fiction and dispel some common myths about it. We’ll also look at some of the key elements that make up a successful literary novel or story. So if you’re curious about this intriguing genre, keep reading!

What is Fiction?

Fiction is a story that is not true. It is made up by the writer. Fiction can be in any form of writing such as a book, movie, play, or poem. Fiction usually has a plot, characters, and a setting. The plot is the story. The main character might have events that happen to them that change their life. Fiction usually has a message or a moral. The setting is where the story takes place which can be in the future, present, or past. Most times it is not in the place where the writer lives. Fiction can be entertainment, but it can also teach a lesson.

What is Literary Fiction?

Literary fiction is a genre of fiction that typically deals with complex themes and characters. Literary fiction often explores the human condition in-depth and often uses symbols and metaphors to do so. As such, literary fiction is often lauded for its ability to capture the essence of the human experience. While literary fiction can be difficult to define, it is generally distinguished from other genres, such as commercial fiction or genre fiction, by its focus on artistic expression and its potential for literary merit. Literary fiction is often thought of as the highest form of fiction, and as such, it is often taught in English courses at the college level. While literary fiction can be enjoyable to read, it is often challenging and thought-provoking, making it a rewarding genre for both readers and writers alike.

Difference between Fiction and Literary Fiction

Fiction and literary fiction are two different genres of literature. Fiction is a story that is not true, while literary fiction is a story that is written in a beautiful or artistic way. Fiction can be divided into many subgenres, such as mystery, romance, science fiction, and historical fiction.

Literary fiction, on the other hand, typically contains complex characters and deals with deep themes. While fiction can be enjoyable to read, literary fiction tends to be more challenging and thought-provoking. As a result, literary fiction is often considered to be more highbrow than other types of fiction.


In conclusion, fiction is a type of writing that uses invented or imagined events, settings, and characters. Literary fiction is a genre of fiction that has more literary value than other genres. It may be harder to categorize into one specific genre, and it often contains elements of both the real and the imaginary. While there are many differences between these two types of writing, the most important distinction may be that literary fiction strives for excellence in terms of style, structure, and character development while still telling an entertaining story.

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