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Difference between Fellowship and Internship

Difference between Fellowship and Internship

Both fellowships and internships offer opportunities to gain experience in your desired field, but there are some key distinctions between the two. A Fellowship is often a more prestigious opportunity, offering financial support and a higher level of training. An internship, while not as prestigious, can provide hands-on experience that is essential for starting your career.

What is a Fellowship?

  • Fellowship Programs provide an amazing opportunity for individuals to evolve their career trajectory and expand their knowledge set. Fellowship programs involve a skills-minded exchange between an institution offering a specific amount of exposure, knowledge, and experiences to those accepted into the program.
  • Fellowship Programs are typically highly competitive due to their unique potential whereby those accepted can benefit from networking opportunities and boost a CV with new applications and specializations meant to guide them through a career change or higher level of understanding.
  • Fellowship programs allow students, researchers, scientists, business professionals, artists, and more specialties latest tools and resources while also offering benefits such as stipends as an additional incentive.

What is an Internship?

  • Internship programs are opportunities for individuals to gain real-world experience in their desired field of work. Internships can occur in various capacities, from a few hours a week over the course of a few months to year-long and intensive arrangements with one particular business or organization.
  • Interns will often receive learning objectives, tests, assignments, and evaluations that provide an opportunity for growth in the professional world. Internships prepare individuals for full-time jobs by empowering them with hands-on experience coupled with guidance from seasoned professionals.
  • Internship programs benefit interns in multiple ways and significantly increase their chances of finding a successful career after they have completed their program.

Difference between Fellowship and Internship

Fellowships and internships are both opportunities to gain experience in a given field, but there are some key differences between the two.

  • Fellowships are typically more academically oriented, while internships are more work-oriented.
  • Fellowships are also generally longer than internships, lasting anywhere from a few months to a year or more.
  • Internships, on the other hand, are typically shorter, lasting only a few weeks to a few months.
  • Fellowships also tend to be more competitive than internships, as they often attract people with advanced degrees or considerable experience in the field.
  • Internships, on the other hand, are usually open to people of all levels of experience.

Ultimately, both fellowships and internships can be valuable experiences, but it’s important to understand the difference between the two before applying for either one.


The main difference between an internship and a fellowship is that an internship typically offers college credit, while a fellowship does not. Fellowships are often more competitive to obtain than internships, as they offer the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in the field.

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