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Difference between Federal Government and State Government

Difference between Federal Government and State Government

Federal Government vs State Government

Difference between Federal Government and State Government: – Federal government and state government are two types of government that we can seen everywhere around us in maximum countries of the world. Both government work under certain rules and regulations and are little bit different from each other. Sometimes we can see people asking about the difference between federal government and state government. What is the difference between both?

Difference between Federal Government and State Government

The primary difference between a federal government and state government is the range, in which they can make use of their legal powers. A federal government is given the authority to make and manage veto regulations, oversee national security and foreign policies, assign officers and impose tariffs and taxes.

The federal government, through the Supreme Judge, also has the authority to interpret and revise the rules and regulations, and even change them, if it thinks that one of the rules might be interfering with the other rule, under the light of a proper guideline. Other duties of the federal government include: utilizing and enforcing immigration laws and regulations, bankruptcy laws, Friendly Security regulations, and civil protection under the laws and regulations, patent and the laws of copyright and laws regarding tax and money.

However, a state government is responsible for handling crimes, divorce and family issues, welfare and medical facilities in the state, estate laws and regulations, real house and property regulations, business contracts and dealing with medical malpractice.

Court System

To be able to effectively enforce the laws and regulations, both government authorities have a court docket system. Inside the federal government system, there are 94 area courts, 12 appeals courts and a Supreme Court docket.

The Supreme Judge is the sole court that is set up directly by the Constitution. All the courts in the country must follow the orders of the Supreme Court. This court even gets the authority to determine whether national, and local government authorities are operating within regulations. However, only a small number of instances are considered for review. The Chief Justices are appointed by the Leader of the country until they reach their age of retirement.

The court systems of the state governments are set up in accordance with the state rules or can be pointed out by Constitution. Justices for these courts can be decided on in a number of ways. A few of these methods include election and term based selection. Moreover, State court systems are greater in the number than national court systems but typically follow an identical structure.


In terms of power, the federal government and the Supreme Court rulings carry more weight than state laws. When there is an issue between state laws and a national law, the national laws prevail. The excludes the case when decisions are to be made in regards to civil rights. When the state regulation pays more attention to the people than the federal government laws do, then state governments prevail in that matter.

Now I’m sure after reading this blog post, now you will be able explains the difference between federal government and state government in front of other. I think primary difference between both of them is the area and the space where both government works. State government is limited while federal government unlimited authorities and power.

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