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Difference Between Fatah and Hamas

Difference Between Fatah and Hamas

Fatah vs Hamas

Difference between Fatah and Hamas: – Hamas and Fatah are the two political parties of Palestine, which are not only taking part in Palestine government, but also fighting for the Palestine freedom. Israel has forcedly entered into the Palestine and by has ruled out a lot of the area of the Palestine. So what Fatah and Hamas are doing, they are fighting for their freedom.  People who don’t know about Hamas and Fatah probably ask a question what is difference between Fatah and Hamas? Let’s move forward to know the difference between Fatah and Hamas.

Difference between Fatah and Hamas

Palestine is not an unbiased country and most of the Palestinian political parties continue to take part in peaceful and non-peaceful activities to achieve self-reliance and gain back their control over the territories occupied by Israeli settlers. Among all these parties, there are two main political factions working actively in Palestine, Fatah and Hamas, and both are trying to fight for freedom but through completely different means.


Fatah came into being in the late 1950s to liberate Palestine from Israel through arms and violent means. Mainly positioned in the West Loan company, Fatah’s violent strategy steadily turned into a powerful matter. In the 1990s, Yasser Arafat accepted the validity of the two-state solution and authorized the Oslo Accords with Israel. Its main points are:

  • Name: “Fatah” is the acronym of Harakat al-Tahrir al-Filistiniya (Palestinian Liberation Movements) – and basically means “conquest”
  • It was created in the 1950s
  • The name of its founder is Yasser Arafat

The Oslo Accords, agreed upon in 1993, proclaimed the first established mutual recognition between Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel. While under Accords, both parties focused on discussing a peaceful solution to end the discord. While the formal creation of a Palestinian State had not been officially stated, they moved the control of the Palestinian towns in Gaza and the Western World gave rise to a new disbalance of power in Palestine. In other words, the Oslo Accords were never totally applied and the relationships between the two parties deteriorated again.


Hamas is an extremist party, usually considered as a terrorist group by Israel and the international community. The purpose of this party is the devastation of Israel. Its main points are:

  • Name: “Hamas”, which is actually the acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (Islamic Level of resistance Activity) – and practically means “conquest”
  • It was created in 1987
  • It started as the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood

Major Differences between Both

  • Fatah and Hamas are two most important Palestinian parties. While both parties are struggling for self-reliance from the occupying power, but their guidelines and perspectives cannot be more different each other
  • Fatah is a secular, average group that was created to put the Oslo Accords in action with the assistance of Israel, while Hamas is a spiritual (generally Sunni), extremist group, and is often called a terrorist organization.
  • Fatah helps the two-state solution as well as the likelihood of settlement with Israel while Hamas rejects the two-state solution and promotes for the devastation of Israel;
  • Fatah desires a Palestinian State in the occupied Gaza Areas and West Loan Company, with East Jerusalem as capital while Hamas desires a Palestinian Express encompassing the Western Bank, the Gaza, Jerusalem, and Israel;
  • Fatah makes use of less violent means and is certain to follow a casual ceasefire contract since 2005; while Hamas equipped with arms are usually more violent and continue to flame rockets against Israel regardless of the ceasefire;
  • Mahmud Abbas – current Chief Executive of Palestine – is the Fatah’s head while Hamas has lost its hold on the federal government.

Israel is from one of those countries who are not only small in terms of area, but also in terms of population. Israel is threat for all nations of the world, they not blackmailed the United States of America, but also all the Muslims countries of the world. Palestine is not as strong as it should be to fight with Israel. Hamas and Fatah are doing what they can do.

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