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Difference between Fashion and Style | Fashion vs Style

Difference between Fashion and Style | Fashion vs Style

Fashion vs Style

Difference between fashion and style: – The terms fashion and style are regularly employed, especially in recent times in which image and good presence have become so important in all social spheres. However, many people find it difficult to distinguish between what styles is and what fashion is.

Difference between fashion and style

If you also have doubts about it, read a little below and you will see the difference between fashion and style.

Fashion is what is currently accepted by most people as appropriate to look good, that is, are the trends that appear in magazines, television and on the fashion catwalks.

Fashion changes regularly, whether by season, brief seasons … and often tends to return to the past; That is to say, they rescued fashions that once dominated and then stopped doing it.

It encompasses trends in clothes, makeup, shoes, and accessories, hairstyles … that are made popular by fashion houses, models, actors and actresses. In short, fashion is something collective.

Style, on the other hand, is unique to everyone; Each one has his own particular style and usually this goes hand in hand with the personality of each one.

It is the choice of the person as for clothes, accessories … The style is modified and customized individually.

Unlike fashion, style is not something that changes easily. It is usually relatively stable and lasts over the years. It only changes when the person does it, either because he begins to live certain stage of his life or for other reasons.

The style is not limited to clothing and accessories, but goes beyond. It is an attitude and a way of behaving that makes each person original and different from others. In short, while fashion equals us the style differentiates us.

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