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Difference between Face Primer and Eye Primer

Difference between Face Primer and Eye Primer

Just like all makeup products, primers have their own variations and uses. If you’re new to the world of primer, you may be confused about which type is best for your look. Well don’t worry, today we’re going to give you a comprehensive breakdown of face primer vs eye primer so that when it comes to prepping the base for any look or special occasion, you’ll know exactly what type works best and how to apply each one correctly.

What is Face Primer?

  • Face primer is a new beauty product that is rapidly gaining popularity among make-up artists and novice makeup users alike. Face primer not only extends the life of one’s make-up, but it helps to create an even, smooth base for cosmetics.
  • This product acts as a bridge between the skin and makeup, allowing the foundation to adhere better while providing a natural luminosity on the surface of the skin. Face primer works best when applied before any other cosmetics.
  • Many modern primers are also formulated with ingredients such as Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, or Collagen to add additional benefits for the skin such as hydration and nourishment. Face primer is quickly becoming a staple in all make-up bags for people who want their look to last all day long.

What is Eye Primer?

Eye primer is a beauty product that is meant to be used as the foundation before applying eye makeup. It creates a smooth surface for easier blending and provides a better grip for eyeshadow and eyeliner, meaning make-up will stay put all day! Eye primer also intensifies the color of the products making them more vibrant and longer lasting. Eye primer is an essential part of any makeup look since it acts as a base, allowing the pigment to stay in place and last all day even in humid weather. Eye Primer is truly an invaluable product for achieving the desired look that lasts!

Difference between Face Primer and Eye Primer

Face Primer and Eye Primer are two essential products that should not be confused.

  • Face primer helps to smooth out the skin’s texture by mitigating large pores, oiliness, and wrinkles. Eye primer, on the other hand, provides a smoother base for the application of eye makeup including concealer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner.
  • Face primer goes on before foundation whereas eye primer should be applied after concealers or eyeshadows have been blended into the lid—but before using bold colors or glitter products.
  • Face primers generally come in a lightweight formula while eye primers tend to be thicker in texture due to their need to avoid creasing as well as providing an even layer for brighter pigments.

Applying Face Primer and Eye Primer can dramatically enhance your makeup look and make your makeup last longer throughout the day!


Face primer and eye primer serve different functions though they may appear to be similar. Face primer is applied before foundation to create an even canvas while eye primer prevents creasing and makes shadows look more vibrant. Be sure to select the right type of product for your needs so that your makeup will stay put all day long!

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