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Difference between Evernote and OneNote | Evernote vs. OneNote

Difference between Evernote and OneNote | Evernote vs. OneNote

Evernote vs. OneNote

Difference between Evernote and OneNote; – Both Evernote and OneNote are available for free download on iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Windows Phone devices. In the case of Evernote we can even find it available for BlackBerry. Both services offer us the ability to store our notes in the cloud and synchronize them whenever we make changes in them; such synchronization allows us to have our notes on any device just by entering our account. Also, Evernote and OneNote also have premium versions; which offer some advantages and extra options.

Difference between Evernote and OneNote

Although these two applications have much in common, the fact is that they also differ in many respects; so we will explain below the difference between Evernote and OneNote.

This application follows a model ‘freemium’, i.e., although it can be downloaded for free it has support for ads that can be deleted with the premium version (the version that has to be paid). Evernote users get 5 GB of free space and for $ 5 a month or 45 a year they get a premium account.

The notes that Evernote supports are not limited to written notes, they can also be videos, photos, voice notes and even links to web pages. In addition to sharing our notes, we also have the option to allow other users to collaborate on them. Although Evernote has many features in common with OneNote; in the following list you will find some that are exclusive of Evernote:

  • You can scan recipes directly to Evernote.
  • You can convert handwritten text into text for Evernote.
  • Clearly Evernote offers the opportunity to read blog posts, articles, and web pages in an easier and clearer way.
  • You can label the notes with your location.

Like Evernote, OneNote is free but offers a premium service for Office 365 users; which includes some options and additional features. A premium service subscription costs $ 9.99 and includes the complete Microsoft Office.

Unlike Evernote, the free version of OneNote does not display ads. In this case, the notes can also be a voice, written, videos, or photos … and can be shared with other users.

OneNote’s unique features include the following:

  • It offers the option to add screenshots and Excel documents (only for Windows PCs).
  • Provides better options for formatting text compared to Evernote.

Finally, OneNote is like a notebook, you can add notes anywhere on the page and organize them into sections or groups; all this makes OneNote easier to use for many users, however, the labeling system is better developed in Evernote.

Key differences between OneNote and Evernote

  • The free version of Evernote includes ads, while OneNote does not.
  • OneNote is integrated with Office, but Evernote is not.
  • In Evernote, you can send the notes by email, but in OneNote this option only supports Outlook.
  • Evernote allows you to save notes as PDF documents, but OneNote does not.

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