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Difference between Emphasize and Emphasise

Difference between Emphasize and Emphasise

The words “emphasize” and “emphasise” are often confused, but they have different meanings. The main difference is that “emphasis” is a noun, while “emphasize” is a verb. To emphasize something means to place emphasis on it, while to emphasise is to emphasise the importance of something. In other words, to emphasise is to give it more weight or importance.
It’s important to use the correct word in order to make your writing sound accurate and professional. Make sure you know the difference between these two words so you can use them correctly in your writing!

What is Emphasize?

  • Emphasize word meaning is when you give extra attention to a particular word or phrase in order to make sure the reader understands its importance. This can be done in a number of ways, such as speaking more slowly or loudly when emphasizing a word, using body language to emphasize a point, or writing in all caps.
  • Emphasizing words can be useful when you want to make sure the reader understands the importance of something, or when you want to add emotional impact to your writing.
  • When used sparingly, emphasizing words can be a powerful tool for conveying your message. But if you overuse it, it can quickly become annoying and lose its effectiveness. Choose your words carefully and use emphasis sparingly to ensure that your readers hear what you’re saying loud and clear.

What is Emphasise?

Emphasising a word means giving it extra importance or special attention. This can be done for different reasons, such as to make a point more clearly or to show that a particular word is key to understanding a sentence. Emphasising a word can be done in different ways, such as by saying it louder or by using a different tone of voice. It can also be done through body language, such as by gesturing towards the word in question. In written language, emphasis is often shown by italicising or bolding the relevant word. No matter how it is done, emphasising a word can help to add clarity and depth to communication.

Difference between Emphasize and Emphasise

Emphasize and Emphasise are two words that are often used interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference between the two terms. Emphasize is the preferred spelling in American English, while Emphasise is used more often in British English.

  • The verb Emphasize typically refers to giving special attention or importance to something, while Emphasise can also be used to mean “to accentuate” or “to make prominent.”
  • For example, you might emphasize the importance of a project by giving it a lot of your time and energy. Alternatively, you could emphasise the features of a product by highlighting them in an advertisement.
  • While the two words are pronounced the same, the spelling can help to indicate which meaning is intended. In general, Emphasize is the better choice when speaking American English, while Emphasise is more likely to be used in British English.


Emphasize is the American spelling of this word, emphasise is the British spelling. They both have the same meaning- to place emphasis on something. However, in America, emphasize is more commonly used while emphasise is mostly used in Britain.

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