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Difference Between Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen

Difference Between Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen

If you’re a fan of space exploration and trading games, then you’ve no doubt heard of Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. These two multiplayer space simulation games have captured the imaginations of gamers around the world with their detailed environments, incredible flight control mechanics, and huge range of exciting missions to complete. Both are based around an expansive in-game universe that encourages exploration, team building, and fun ship-to-ship combat missions. So what exactly sets these two competitors apart? Read on to get an understanding of how each game offers something unique for any interested player!

What is Elite Dangerous?

  • Elite Dangerous is a space adventure game that puts players in the cockpit of their own ship. From there, they explore an entire galaxy full of starships, trading with alien species and dogfighting with other pilots – all while trying to make enough money to upgrade their rides.
  • Elite Dangerous has been praised for its realistic physics which allows both veteran astronauts and green Savoyards alike to experience the thrill of an intergalactic journey.
  • Furthermore, Elite Dangerous also provides a living universe with advanced AI, a constantly growing player-influenced economy, and immense opportunities for creative players to build their own slice of the galactic pie.

What is Star Citizen?

  • Star Citizen is an upcoming space trading and combat simulator game developed by Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen has been designed to allow for an unprecedented level of freedom for players, allowing them to choose their own objectives and play style.
  • Players will be able to form various partnerships, explore deep space, establish a career as a freelancer, fight intense battles between star-ships and more!
  • Star Citizen promises a deep narrative arc with various storylines that are experienced as the game progresses. With its ambitious scope, Star Citizen stands to offer gamers an incredibly immersive experience unlike anything seen before!

Difference Between Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen

Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen are both popular space exploration video games.

  • Elite Dangerous offers an impressive open world of interstellar travel where players can choose their path and become the captain of their own ship, while Star Citizen focuses on an immersive exploration and intense combat in a realistic sci-fi universe.
  • Elite Dangerous allows players to experience a true sense of freedom, while they choose between numerous jobs, ranging from trading to bounty hunting.
  • In contrast, Star Citizen focuses more on interpersonal interaction, with an emphasis on squad-based missions and FPS combat.

Both Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen offer captivating visuals and exciting gameplay; however, Elite Dangerous has a more traditional approach to space exploration whereas Star Citizen creates an authentic futuristic experience complete with its revolutionary flight mechanics.


If you’re looking for a space game with amazing graphics and an immersive storyline, then Elite Dangerous is the right choice for you. However, if you want a more action-packed experience with ground combat and first-person shooter elements, then Star Citizen is your best bet. Both games are great options for anyone looking to get lost in an expansive universe filled with exploration and adventure.

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